Sunday, June 30, 2019

Movie Date with Husband at Domino's K-Movie Night Premier

Last week, Mommy Jane had a movie date with husband for the latest '0.00MHz' horror movie on its first day of screening at MBO Starling. Before the movie started at 9 p.m., we had a feasting on Domino's latest delicious dessert, Saranghae-ny Stix.
As part of their latest 'So Spicy, So Drama' campaign, Domino's Pizza had organised an unforgetable night treating all of us to their latest Saranghae-ny Stix together with their spicy Ssamjeang Pizza and Ayam Haseyo which is their best seller last year and glad that Domino's will bring it back to all of us. 
Saranghae-ny Stix 
The new Saranghae-ny Stix is freshly oven-baked until golden brown and served hot everyday at Domino's Pizza stores nationwide and available for a limited time only at an introductory price of RM7.90 only. This fluffy dessert is richly flavoured with honey butter and salted caramel sauce drizzle. It is launched as a sweet complement to our favourite spicy Ssamjeang Pizza which recently made a dramatic comeback to meet our desire for spicy food. Yummy !!!

The movie premier was attended by hundred of guests which include Domino's loyal customers who have been strongly supported the brand over the years and as a appreciation by Domino's towards them. We from the members of the media were also part of this event and with the new launch of their Saranghae-ny Stix, it reflects Domino's commitment to continuously provide a unique and exciting experiences to all of us. 
This hall was booked by Domino's to rewards its fans and members of the media
The Ssamjeang Pizza is available in 3 varieties, namely Ssamjeang Beef Pizza, Ssamjeang Chicken Pizza and Ssamjeang Tuna Pizza. The secret to their success is the spicy Korean sauce that Domino's specially developed as a base for the Ssamjeang Pizza. The unique sauce features a delightful blend of spiciness and sweetness to ensure it gives us the fiery action taste buds.
There are some amazing value deals during the 'So Spicy, So Drama' campaign that I would like to share out to all of you. For Ssamjeang Buddy Combo, you could get 1 Regular Ssamjeang Pizza, 1 Saranghae-ny Stix, 1 Ayam Haseyo and 2 cans of soft drinks at only RM39.90 (Savings at RM25.60). For Ssamjeang Super Combo, you'll get 1 Regular Ssamjeang Pizza, 1 Regular Pizza, 1 Saranghae-ny Stix, 1 Ayam Haseyo and 1 bottle  of soft drinks at only RM54.90 (Savings at RM37.60).
Photo credited to Domino's Malaysia FB page
For greater value, just order 2 Pizza Deals and we could enjoy the Ssamjeang pizzas with extra cheese. 2 Regular pizzas at RM35.90, 2 Large pizzas at RM56.90 and 2 Xtra Large pizzas at RM77.90. Personal-sized Ssamjeang pizza is also valid for Super Tuesday deals on every Tuesday from as low as RM3.90 for online take-away orders and RM4.90 for over-the-counter orders and for Domino's Ohsem Hari-Hari promotion, personal pizza start from as long as RM5, terms and conditions apply.
Photo credited to Domino's Malaysia FB page
For more information, do visit Domino's Pizza website at or call them at 1300-888-333 to make an order.
Thank you very much, Domino's for the sweet and spicy treat of Ssamjeang pizza and Saranghae-Ny Stix. We will always look-out to try out our new experiences with our favourite pizza outlet, Domino's Pizza. Thanks for the horror movie treat too. It is indeed scary but with my husband around, we had a "Sarang ae-jeong" together. Ha ha ha !!!


  1. I would love to try out this flavour. It look awesome delicious. Domino pizza always my favourite.😃

  2. Dah baca review pasal domino piza baru ni. Ada kat blog sapa lupa dah. Ramai yang bagi feedback yang baik. Betul2 sedap la ni ek. Kena cuba la jawabnya. Ok, petang ni. Hehe

    1. Nhazia, if you like sweet food, then Saranghae-Ny Stix will be suitable for your taste. Happy trying !!!

  3. Saya pun suka Domino tapi, mahal sikit banding pizza hut. Sebabkan harga mahal saya lebih memilih Pizza Hut

  4. Sedapnya domino pizza. dah lama tak makan. Lebih-lebih lagi ni ada flavour baru ni ye? .. haha nak kena try ni

  5. Enjoy the Domino’s Pizza and movie session! Have fun!

  6. and a movie right after..that's the life. I am all in favor with the Samyang pizza....i live for them! Just because spice is life...hahahah