Wednesday, August 7, 2019

Kids' Eye-Care Protection Monitor by BenQ

Eyes are very important to us, so we have to be careful to look after them. Being a full time professional working Mom and also the Mom for my 5 Little Angels, I always pay attention in taking care of our eyes especially my Little Angels' eyes to prevent a problem called computer vision syndrome, a condition characterised by a combination of eye strain, headaches and fatigue-related discomfort and posture problems.  

How frequent do our young kids use computers these days ? 90% of Malaysian kids ages 3 to 18 years old have access to a computer at home and spend an average of more than 4 hours a day viewing monitor. Even though there is no conclusive data regarding the potential effects of too much screen time on our kids' eyes both in the short-term and later in life, but some eye doctors are concerned that our kids may have a greater risk for developing myopia (nearsightedness). 

How to prevent computer vision syndrome ("CVS") amongst our kids ? I will share out some useful tips that we can encourage our kids to do to decrease the risk and keep their eyes comfortable, seeing well and healthy.

Take frequent "eye breaks'. For every 20 minutes, stop looking at the screen for at least 20 seconds to look at something at least 20 feet away. This relaxes our eyes muscles to prevent fatigue that leads to eye strain and headaches. Encourage our kids to stand up and stretch to release muscle tension that causes eye, head, neck and overall body discomfort. Stretching also helps increase blood flow to increase alertness and spend more time outdoors to reduce the risk of becoming nearsighted. 

Do you know that choosing the right monitor could help to protect our kids' eyes ? After searching online on all the monitors' available, Mommy Jane found out that BenQ has an exclusive smart eye-care solution technologies to protect our kids' eye from CVS.

BenQ monitor screens has the Brightness Intelligence Technology. It can detect the brightness changes inside and outside of the screen at the same time, showing perfect brightness while creating more comfort for our kids' eyes. It also reduce the excessive light provocation, protecting eye health while making everything a more complete form of entertainment for our kids.
The smart sensor at BenQ monitor starts to sense changes in an external ambient light source. The screen is adjusted to match the brightness and darkness. When ambient light is bright, the brightness rises but when it weakened, the overall brightness of the monitor will also decrease automatically. It will reduce the irritation of bright light to ensure more comfort to the eyes and a smoother viewing experience
The Brightness Intelligence Plus technology can automatically display the matching colour temperature and brightness for the most optimal viewing technology. The sensor also can detect the amount of time the monitor has been in use and therefore easier for us to restrict our kids' screen usage to prevent excessive strain The colour temperature nad brightness will also adjust correspondingly to the time used by lowering the amount brightness according to the surrounding ambient light and lowering blue light levels to reduce the amount of long-term exposure to short-wave blue light on our kids.

BenQ monitor also comes with Flicker-Free Eye Protection. Screens in general produce flickering not visible to our naked eye but when it generates light, up to 250 times per second and 2,880,000 times within a regular 4 hours day of looking at a screen. Long exposure to this flickering generated by the screen can seriously impact our kids' eyes health. BenQ cares about its monitors users especially the kids and make sure that all of its monitors are equipped with flicker-free screens.
Find a flicker-free screen which uses a unique stabilisation technology to keep the picture from flickering
Light is divided into visible light and invisible light. Our human eye can only perceive them when they enter the macula of our eyes, after which it shapes itself as image and colour. Blue light is the more powerful visible light, including the colours blue, indigo and violet light. The short-waved blue light of violet light (UV) can penetrate through the cornea and the lens directly into the macula, causing damage to its photoreceptor cells. BenQ monitor comes with Low Blue Light Technology that can filter blue light (30%-70%) according to our kids' mode for reading, web-surfing, visual entertainment and editing, It can effectively protect our kids' eyes from fatigue, dryness and strain and also retain the true colour performance of these images on their monitor.
BenQ monitor will extract the blue light less harmful to the eyes to protect our kids' eyes as well as ensure the colour accuracy and scope of colour to use
How to choose a monitor for different types of users ? For primary students and senior citizen (Ultra-Lightweight Group) who had fragile eyes and use the monitor for web-surfing and casual reading mode, then BenQ monitor will filter our invisible flickering and filtering of blue light.  
For white collar workers like me, university students and house wife (Light Usage Recommendation), since we are quite attentive to our work mode and usage across multi-devices, we need BenQ monitor to keep our eyesight with good blue light.
For academics, video gamer and graphics designer (Middleweight Group) who had an intensive, attentive and highly detail-oriented mode and some often work on the dark screen and thus sensitive to the ambient light, BenQ monitor has a smart sensor which senses internal and external light sources and has brightness adjustment.
For designer, finance and architect (Heavyweight Group) who are intensive, attentive and highly detail-oriented mode with sensitive to colour temperature in their work environment, BenQ monitor has Smart Sensor which senses internal and external light sources and could adjust the brightness and colour temperature.
BenQ has few series of its eye-care monitors which had different size, function and price. For more information, please visit their website at and for the price information, please visit Lazada website at Do check out their video below...

Mommy Jane visited BenQ showroom before and fall in love with their stylish monitor and the most important to me is their exclusive eye-care technologies that reduce eye fatigue for my Little Angels' comfort. With BenQ monitor, it will able to protect my Little Angels' eyes from having CVS and I will have a peace of mind whenever I'm not at home monitoring their access to the computer. 


  1. baguslah sekarang dah ada teknologi yang baru yang provide sensor utk monitor amount of screen usage, especially for the kids

  2. Menarik! Kenapa lah tak ada teknologi macam ni masa saya kecil haha, sbb skrg menyesal tak jaga mata, kena pakai cermin mata, dan rabun power sentiasa meningkat. Terima kasih share ya.

  3. Tq. A gresat sharing.
    Gain new knowledge.
    Kena cari yg bagus gini utk kesihatan mata jangka panjang, kan. Good effort by the company.

  4. Mata antara organ penting untuk kita. Memang kena lebih titik berat penjagaan

    Bagus ada monitor yang provide ciri ciri keselamatan macam ni.

  5. thank you for sharing this.
    full of useful info. good for us as parents and for ourselves

  6. Ohh good to know this! That is indeed such a great technology to include in our basic gadget or computers nowadays since most of us need to use it daily for work and everything right. Great for kids if having this. Great job BenQ!

  7. It's good to know there is something like this. It is indeed a crucial need as we all tend to stuck our face on gadgets and computer all the time.

  8. Nice sharing...thanks why i'm used TV as my monitor since TV have a great feature to protect your eye from unwanted courses. btw nice info.

  9. Thanks for sharing. I try to limit my kids to once a week usage of computer.

  10. Good to know about this. Even useful for adults too. Our kids havent started using the computers but this definitely will be bookmarked. Thanks!

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  12. It good to know about this. We have to protect our eyes before it is too late. Besides eyes, maintaining hygiene for our house such as always have mattress cleaning can protect us from infection. Please take good care of ourselves before it is too late. Thanks for sharing this is a very informative post.

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