Saturday, November 16, 2019

Cupcakes Decoration Workshop at Collins Kitchen Lab

Year end School Holiday is approaching soon. Any plan for your kids ? If your kids love to cook, bake and decorate their food, then register them at Collins Kitchen Lab for their school holiday programme. At this post, I will share me and my Little Angels experience in decoration of Cupcakes workshop on last weekend at Collins Kitchen Lab.
Collins Kitchen Lab is a cosy teaching studio located in the heart of Mont' Kiara. Founded by Ms Frances Voon of Little Collins KL and now, Collins Kitchen Lab, they have a variety of workshops from basic to advance and from food to art. The teaching studio is versatile for small to medium size groups. The mini workshop space is a bright and airy space perfect for mini workshops that are intimate and the main Kitchen Lab is equipped for a demo session, video recording or classes. We had our cupcakes decoration workshop at the main Kitchen Lab where 10 Mums and 12 kids are involved.
Ms Frances Voon, founder of Collins Kitchen Lab
The 1st session started with kids decorating their cupcakes using buttercream and some candies. For kids above 7 years old like WT who is 10 years old, he able to decorate it independently after received guidance from Teacher Frances and for kids below 7 years old, Moms have to help out before the kids mess it up. Ha ha ha !!!
Happy face of the kids and Moms decorating the cupcakes together
The boys enjoyed decorating their cupcakes too
The kids session started at 12.45 p.m. and finished at 1.15 p.m. Their way of doing it much easier than adult. Just put the buttercream on top of their cupcakes to make a mini-floral cupcakes and then sprinkled some candies on top of the cream to make it colourful. The decoration of the cupcakes are not only fun, it is delicious too. All the kids love to eat the chocolaty cake and of course the cream and the candies on top too.
Mommy Alicia with her cute little daughter happy with their decorated cupcakes
The kids proudly show off their decorated cupcakes
Mommy Ruby looks so happy showing off her decorated cupcakes with the Little Girl

While our kids enjoy eating their own decorated cupcakes outside the main kitchen, it is Mommies time now to decorate the cupcakes. Teacher Frances had baked all the delicious chocolate cupcakes before hand and our mission is just to decorate the cupcakes. Instructions and photos of the cupcakes were printed in a piece of paper for each Mom and place it on top of the table. The decoration utensils and drinking water were also prepared on each table. Each table could accommodate 2 to 4 Moms. Since there are 4 big tables. Each table seated 2 to 3 Moms.
All Mommies listen tentatively and record all the steps taught by Frances for reference

Teacher Frances gave us a briefing on how we should decorate our cupcakes. Once the first step done, she will call us to go in front to learn another step so that we won't feel confuse and we could do it right. Let me brief you the steps to decorate the cupcakes. It looks simple but if we miss out 1 of the step, then our cupcakes will not turn out as what we wanted it to be.
Me and Syafiera sharing the same table
The first step is to cut the excessive layer of cake to flattened it for all the 6 cupcakes and then layered the cake with some delicious chocolate sauce. Once done, chilled it at the fridge for the chocolates to harden for half an hour. 
We are spreading our cupcakes with chocolate sauce to layer it
While waiting for our chocolates to harden, we proceed to work with our fondant to decorate our cupcakes. Fondant is a sweet paste usually used as an icing for cakes. Knead the fondant into a ball like bread dough to get softer and smoother. Then designed the fondant using knife and kitchen utensils as creative as you want. 
With the help from our kids, we made the fondant
Teacher Frances will walk around to ensure we use the right technique to flattened our fondant
Once done and when our cupcakes chocolate already hardened, then spread some sugar on top of the cupcakes so that it could stick our fondant. We put the base fondant on top of the cupcakes and then spread some sugar to stick the fondant design that we had made on top of the fondant. Decorating the cupcakes need lots of patience and luckily my 2 boys able to complete this task. Ha ha ha !!! 

Collins Kitchen Lab Workshop is suitable for kids 5 years and above and for adults too. While Mommies learn how to bake, cook and decorate, our kids able to join too. For daddies and other siblings, they could wait at the cafe downstairs to enjoy their food and have me-time while Mommy and Little Angel could have some bonding times. My Little Angels definitely enjoyed the cupcakes decoration session.
We could customised our cupcake with our name too. The pen ink is eadible 
Colour the crown for the cupcake with gold plated eadible ink
All the kitchen utensils were provided at the Lab
Me and my Little Angels' creation of cupcakes. Yeah !!!
Finally, put the decorated cupcakes into a box to bring it home to share with family and friends

Collins Kitchen Lab Workshop will be offering School Holiday and Christmas workshop for Moms and Kids who love to cook, bake and decorate. The ingredients used are HALAL. Great opportunity for Muslims and Non-Muslims to join the workshop together. For more information on Collins Kitchen Lab Workshop, do visit their website at and do follow them at their facebook page at For workshop enquiries, do call them at 03-62049986 or email to them at
Check out the schedule of their workshop and do call them for further enquiries
My video on the workshop as below...
Decoration of the cupcakes workshop will stimulate our kids' senses of sight, taste and creativity. It will help to develop their fine-motor coordination as they mix, sift, roll dough, cut out the fondant and decorate the cup cakes. Looking forward for more of their workshops soon and do join us to have a great learning experience with our kids.
Mommies with our cute Little Chefs

Thanks to Frances from Collins Kitchen Lab for the Cupcakes Decoration Workshop experience with my Little Angel and thanks to theAsianparentMY for the opportunity to join the workshop. Me and my Little Angels enjoyed ourselves so much. We had a great hands-on learning experience and a great way for our kids to express themselves and enjoy their creations. 


  1. Nice activities for kids. Will let my children to join too.

    1. Sure. Do call them out to find the suitable workshop for your children.

  2. Thinking to learn how to cook. Can learn from here too.

  3. Thanks for sharing! going to put this in my list for my kids' year end activities!

    1. Luanne, do enjoy the cooking process with your kids.