Sunday, November 3, 2019

Zyro Charity Birthday Celebration, Oriental Myths & Legends

Happy Birthday to my friend, Dr Zyro Wong !!! Mommy Jane was invited by him to join his meaningful celebration at 55 Kitchen and Bar which located just 10 minutes from my house i.e. Plaza Arcadia Desa ParkCity. A nice place to hang out especially in the weekend with my Little Angels.
To celebrate his anniversary of the day on which he was born, Zyro had treated all his 200 celebrity influencers, business personalities, media and blogger friends and guests came decked out in heroic costumes on his 29's birthday celebration. Those who came with the astounding heroic costumes won best costume contest on that day. More than 10 winners were selected to win the 2XXL Fei Fei Crab worth RM158 as prizes. Congrats to all the winners for your effort to dress up like a heroic of Oriental Myths & Legends. The prizes for the best dress winners were presented by Dr Zyro Wong's mother.
During Zyro's 29th birthday party, he had successfully collected donations of more than RM6k for charity. RM3k to the Kiwanis Club of Bangsar, RM1k to Rotary Kasih, RM1k to The Giving Bank and RM1k to Gem & Bread. On behalf of all the Charity Organisations, I would like to thank Zyro and all the donors for making their life in a better way to live. As Zyro said "This is a time to celebrate friendships and love, where we come together not only to have fun but can also do something meaningful together". 
The celebration venue is host by 55 Kitchen and Bar. Zyro's strategic partners included bisClub for its Travel Package, DreamLive for its Event Organisation, EmpComm for its Billboards Advertisement worth RM10k, Fei Fei Crab and its Restaurant for its 2XXL Crab, Smileway Dental for its Dental Treatment worth RM250, Terry Lee Clinic for Beauty Aesthetic Treatments , Vanzo Car Air Freshener to Fit All Types of Car, Tribalogy Studio, Liz Beauty, Silkcreen Trading. Caroline Ang and Sompoton Spa for its massage treatment. Zyro presented a Certification of Appreciation to all his business partners for their generosity.
55 Kitchen and Bar for the venue and food

Fei Fei Crab and its Restaurant for its 2XXL Crab
EmpComm for its Billboards Advertisement
As for the lucky draw prizes, it were sponsored by ChangJiang White Coffee on its famous white coffee and milk tea from Ipoh, Empro Cosmetic, ePure Skincare, Lip & Co. beauty products, Boutiquinn for its awesome sunglasses, Aaron Lim and QVC Creative Communication as the Official Costume Designer for Dr Zyro Wong. 
Smileway Dental presented the RM250 dental treatment to the lucky winner. Congrats !!!
The birthday event was supported by local and Hong Kong celebrity guests whom include Amber Chia, Happy Polla (YouTuber), Andy Lau Tin Long (TVB HK), Xavier (HK), Fara Dolhadi (Asia Got Talent 2019) and prominent businessmen and women i.e. Tan Sri James Tan, Dato' Sri Dzulkarnain, Dato' Sri Steven Tan, Tengku Normah, Dato' Anthony Cheng, Dato' Sri Vincent Tiew and Dato Jovi Heng, Datin Maylene, Datin Geraldine, Prof Coco Alex and many more. Yes, TVB Hong Kong actors and actress purposely fly from Hong Kong to attend his birthday party.
Celebrities from TVB Hong Kong
Our local Celebrities. I'm sure all of you watch them in our local movie before
The night was filled with mesmerising performances by Fara Dolhadi from Asia Got Talent 2019, Simon & Max whom are our Malaysia Alan Tam & Hacken Lee, Candice who are the Recording Artiste and Andy Lau (TVB Hong Actor).

Zyro also presented his wushu performance which all the guests had enjoyed it so much. He learned it since young and took this opportunity to showcase his performance with his costume.
I had known Dr Zyro ever since attended his last year birthday party. From that onwards, we were friends at facebook till he invited me again this year. He is the founder cum CEO of Zyro Consulting Sdn Bhd and 8Dorm Group. A talented leader who views the world through multi faceted lenses. He is also a social and business influencer and renowed for his impeccable personal branding and astute business acumen. For more information, do please contact Dr Zyro Eong at 019-2249663 or email to him at Check out my video below... 
Appreciation to Fei Fei Crab and its Restaurant, Smileway Dental, Vanzo Car Air Freshener, Lip & Co., ChangJiang and Sompoton Spa for all the products, drinks and cash vouchers for us. Thank you.
Happy Birthday again to my friend, Dr Zyro Wong. Hope all your dreams come true !!! Thanks for the invitation to join your special day with all your guests. It is truly a fun and meaningful event Me and my blogger friends had enjoyed ourselves so much and thanks for the gifts to us too.