Monday, December 2, 2019

Luxury Lunchbox and Tumbler with Vaya

To ensure my Little Angels stay healthy and happy, Mommy Jane will prepare lunchbox for them to ensure they have enough daily nutrition. Maid will wake up early at 5 a.m. daily during school day to cook for them. She will cook nasi lemak, spaghetti, fried meehoon, fried mee, fried rice and many more that comes with some vegetables and fruits so that my Little Angels could bring it to school to have it as morning recess tea break or for their lunch. 
They will prefer to have VacuTherm Technology Tyffyn to ensure the food is kept warm for at least 6 hours. The Tyffyn must have few containers so that the sauce and the food could be separate it out to ensure the freshness and taste will be maintain after several hours. I found the right Tyffyn with Vaya Tyffyn that fulfilled my Little Angels' needs. At this post, I will share details of the Vaya Tyffyn which attracts me to have it for my Little Angels.
Vaya Tyffyn is meticulously crafted with precision engineering and a world-beating design by a former Apple director and now Founder and CEO of Vaya, Vashist Vasanthakumar. He is an avid lover of architecture and design; much like the man himself – Steve Jobs. 

As Vashist’s first patent, he reinventing the humble lunchbox would have been an easy task, if not for exhaustive research on functionality and minute details on aesthetics. It took Vashist and his team 18 months to perfect their first product after rigorous tests with numerous prototypes.

The normal problems that we as parents face is the lunchbox continue to be drab, boring, leaking and with inadequate heat retention. Vaya Tyffyn opens from the bottom for this purpose and to facilitate against leakage.
Vaya Tyffyn has a VacuTherm™ Technology which trap heat or cold inside the lunchbox's vacuum-insulated, double-walled stainless steel shell. The insulation ensures that food is kept warm for at least six hours. You can choose the containers either copper-finished or polished stainless steel. These are compliant with the most current European standards, which are RoHS (The Restriction of Harzadous Substances Directive) and SVHC (A Substance of Very High Concern).
It took about 70 prototypes before the perfect Vaya Tyffyn was born. The first batch hit the market in November 2016. Less than a year from when it started, sales had increased by 10x from when it began.

Attainable online, we Malaysians have come to love this nifty ‘gadget’. Vaya Tyffyn is designed to prevent spills and for easy manageability. It comes with leak-resistant and BPA-free lids. The oval body is 30 per cent thinner with a collapsible handle, thus making it compact and tidy.

Apart from temperature control, the containers additionally keeps food crisp and precisely as packed to be enjoyed hours later. Cut-up fruits and salads, such as cubes of fruits, stays cold and juicy for up to 6 hours.
Vaya Tyffyn is great for desktop lunches and individuals with specific dietary requirement such as vegetarians or, for bringing along homemade baby food. Available in various sizes from kids to jumbo, this trendsetter comes in an assortment of fashionable colours and patterns such as Graphite, Cheetah, Dew, Maple, Wool, Denim and more, to appease any eye.

Added to our convenience is the BagMat™ - a stylish shoulder bag to carry the Vaya Tyffyn and transforms into a convenient table mat. 

Complementing Tyffyn; Vaya Drynk is a patented tumbler which is crafted using the same technology. Retaining hot coffee or any other beverages for 12 hours or cold smoothies for up to 18 hours, these tumblers are a perfect accompaniment.

Preserve is the latest offering from Vaya. It has the latest offering to preserve its ingredients fresh, hot or cold, all at the same time with its food storage jar doubling as an on-the-go meal carrier. The same VacuTherm™ Technology that ensures food remains hot or cold, and most importantly fresh for up to a good 6 hours. Preserve works the same as Tyffyn but with an added convenience of easy portability. It fits snugly into a handbag or satchel. 
With the easy accessibility of restaurants and streetfood in our country, Vaya Tyffyn lunchbox and the water bottle is quintessential to every Malaysian, the lunchbox could play a vital role in our everyday life and is one, worth relooking into. On demand delicious homemade food, the convenience of readily available meals, cool cut-up fruits after a sweaty workout – there is always a need.

For more information on Vaya Tyffyn and Vaya Drynk, please visit their website at


  1. The Vaya Tyffyn and Drynk look so nice. I want to buy a set for my kids too.

  2. Looking for a tyffyn that could heat up the food for 6 hours too. Nice sharing.

    1. Penny, thank you. This is the best tyffyn in the market now.

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