Thursday, January 16, 2020

Watsons launched #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 with Prizes worth more than RM2.888,888 Million

Good news to all Watsons Members !!! Want to win some prizes worth more than RM2.888,888 million ? Read up my post here...
Watsons launched its 2020 #HappyBeautifulYear campaign recently with the members of the media, suppliers partners, Watson Ambassadors Jinny Boy and Ayda Jebat and Wasons celebrity friends Amber Chia, Chan Fong, Chui Ling, Han Xiia Ali, Wang Yi Fei and other cast of #HappyBeautifulYear video at a glittery event. Not to be forgotten is their loyal Elite members.
Watsons Malaysia bring more excitement this year with a Chinese New Year celebration sale of up to 50% discount in Watsons stores nationwide and sitewide for all its loyal Watsons members. Glad that I am one of their loyal members too and I could save more $$$ whenever I spend at Watsons now. Yeah !!!
The launch of  #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 by Ms Caryn Loh, Lion Dance and Choy San Yeah
I am glad to be invited to be part of the grand launch of #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 event where all of us were treated to spectacular LED lion dance performance, official launched by Ms Caryn Loh, Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia, exclusive preview of the Watsons #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 video, live band performance, a chit chat session with Watsons celebrity friends, a grand lou sang and a delicious dinner. Me and my husband enjoyed it so much !!!
Stunning performances by the Lion Dance and Choy San Yeah to bring prosperity to everyone
The live making of our traditional Kuih Kapit and Penang Mua Chi
Lou Sang. Huat Ar !!!
The night end with a lucky winner who walked away with a Samsung Note 10 for the best AR Selfie contest. Never expected that my husband, James Loh was the lucky winner and I am the lucky wife coz' the phone was gifted to me instead. Thanks hubby and I love you and the phone so much. Ha ha ha !!!
Samsung Note 10 presented by Ms Caryn Loh, the Managing Director of Watsons Malaysia. Tqvm Watsons Malaysia for the great gift
Caryn Loh said Chinese New Year is a time when traditional values should not be forgotten, and it is important that these values should be carried on to the next generation. Generation gaps are very common and we should take this opportunity to bridge the generation gap by understanding and respecting the differences between these two generations. Hence, they produced the #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 video for this year's campaign to promote the understanding and bonding between two generations in a family by delivery it in a comedic and musical style with underlying messages. 
She added that keeping traditions alive and bringing out our most beautiful self is always important while keeping up with the latest trends. They believe their products and services are "ice breakers" or talking points within friends and families, as Watsons offers all kinds of different products for all ages.
The video also features stunning Chinese opera styling and singing, and this is indeed a great way to reintroduce the traditional performances to the younger generations. The video features a star-studded cast from all generations to deliver the message i.e. Han Xiiao Ali, Bernard Hiew, Pink Tan, Elyn Leong, Chan Fong, Chui Ling, Freddie Huang, Catz, Fiqrie, Mei Fen, Nithya and many more.

Mr Danny Hoh, Customer Director of Watsons Malaysia said that in preparation to usher in the auspicious year of the Rat, Watsons as the No. 1 Health and Beauty retailer in Malaysia offers the best deals and savings on especially for their Watsons members. This is their opportunity to reward their customers with lots of "prosperous" goodies as we usher in the Chinese New Year. 
Ms Caryn Loh, Mr Danny Hoh and Watsons celebrity friends
Thanks Danny for the rewards and as Watsons loyal customers, we love the savings and goodies so much. Times to make us look great for this Chinese New Year celebrations by shopping at Watsons now. Yeah !!!

What are the goodies ? As Watsons members, we can look out for free limited-edition Watsons Ang Pow packets and RM388 dining reward vouchers with just a minimum spending of RM80 and many other amazing prizes worth more than RM2,888,888 in total which include 118 Samsung Gadgets. Wow !!! 
Showing off my dining rewards and goodies from Watsons Malaysia at the hall of the event
As Watsons shoppers, we can also receive RM8 cashback with a minimum spent of RM60 only with our Touch N' Go's e-Wallet. Means cashback more than 10% from the amount of RM60 that we spend. Great savings to all of us !!!
Lou sang session between Watsons Celebrity Friends and Management of Watsons Malaysia. Huat Ar !!!
If you're a selfie expert, then do join the AR Selfie contest #HappyBeautifulYear and win a total of RM8,888 worth of Watsons points. I think I will ask my Little Angels to join this contest coz' they are selfie expert as compare to me and my husband. Do try this out and maybe you're the lucky one like my husband. Ha ha ha !!!
Celebrations will not complete with my blogger friends, Katy and Christy with Watsons Celebrity Amber Chia and Chui Ling. 
As Watsons Elite members, they will stand a chance to get a Watsons Limited Edition Yee Sang Plate with a minimum purchase of RM288. To become Elite members, just spend RM1,000 annually and flash our Watsons VIP card for every purchase and we could enjoy Watsons elite privileges and rewards on the 1st day of the following month upon qualification. Hope to become the Elite member by end of this year. Yeah !!!
Hope to be part of Watsons Elite Members to be invited to their Events and enjoy more rewards
For more information, do visit Watsons Malaysia website at and facebook page at Watsons Malaysia App is available on Google Play Store and Apple Store. Do check out their #HappyBeautifulYear 2020's video as below...

After watching the video, I'm sure all of you agreed that the video is like our real life where our generations are facing now. It reminds us that we need to close the gap and keep out the traditions alive while keeping with the latest trends. My Little Angels love the funny and meaningful video too. The video should be watch by all of us especially for this Chinese New Year celebration so that we able to close our gaps and be more happy on this #HappyBeautifulYear.
Thanks to Watsons Malaysia for the invite to their grand launch of #HappyBeautifulYear 2020 event


  1. Congrats !!! I want to try my luck too since I always shop at Watsons.

  2. Nice event and congrats on the winning. Hopefully I will be the next winner.

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    1. Mabel, thanks for the compliments. Will write on home improvement event in future.

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