Monday, November 2, 2020

Häagen-Dazs New Decadent Chocolate Flavours

Due to CMCO, kids couldn't go to school and most parents have to work from home. To make staying at home to be more fun, Mommy Jane and 5 Little Angels will stock up our favourite brand, Häagen-Dazs ice cream. We just tried the new decadent Chocolate flavours with Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond Ice Cream and Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut Ice Cream. The taste is indeed obsession that will makes you wanted for more. 1 tub is never enough. Better to stock up few tub of the new decadent chocolate flavours of Häagen-Dazs ice cream. 

Indulging and celebrating togetherness for this season could be more festive than a luscious array of next-level chocolate flavours. Häagen-Dazs invites all of us to revel their three new heaven-on-earth chocolate delights, expertly crafted with the finest premium ingredients for the ultimate in unapologetically sweet indulgence.

With all the uncertainties and challenges, Häagen-Dazs has brought all of us closer with our loved ones. The new flavours by Häagen-Dazs celebrate the joy of these extraordinary moments with family and friends while cherishing those priceless bonds and rediscover the true meaning of being together. While enjoying the new irresistible chocolate treats, me and my Little Angels create a meaningful memories of playing my childhood games that last a lifetime.

Do you still remember some of our traditional games that we used to play at home? Put a side all the smartphones and Ipads and start family bonding session with our traditional games. "Batu Seremban", a tossing of 5 small triangular shaped cloth bag filled with saga seeds; "Colek Lidi" or Pick Up Sticks, a handful of satay sticks and let them drop naturally on the floor and then use a Master Stick to pick the sticks; UNO Cards to defeat your opponents and Old Maid, Donkey, Happy Family, Nap… These classic decks of cards are sure to bring back some fond memories !!!

The new Häagen-Dazs Dark Chocolate Ganache & Almond is deliciously intense blend of smooth and crunchy textures blended with bitter and sweet flavours. The exceptionally rich 82% Dark Chocolate ice-cream is made using carefully selected cocoa beans expertly ground into a fine powder and then churned with 100% real cream, milk from France and Belgium, cage-free eggs and sugar. Layered with crunchy caramelised almonds and swirls of rich, smooth, creamy cocoa sauce, the intricate layers of taste and texure in each bite offer an eyes-closed moment of pure grown up delight.  

Yummy Yummy Yummy !!!
The secret to the new Häagen-Dazs Belgian Chocolate & Hazelnut lies in the premium 50% cocoa Belgian chocolate base, created through a meticulous process of gentle warming and careul tempering in a dedicated Chocolate Room until the perfect silky consistency is reached. Silvers of hazelnuts are toasted to a beautiful warm golden brown and then drizzled with a wafer-thin layer of caramelised sugar, then folded into the ice cream along with swirls of velvety chocolate hazelnut sauce. The delicious combination of Belgian Chocolate with crunchiness of Hazelnut promises to be an irresistibly delight in every bite.

Häagen-Dazs New Decadent Chocolate Flavours is available at Häagen-Dazs Cafes near you, leading supermarkets, hypermarkets, convenience stores and e-retailer channels at the price at RM34.50 per pints and mini cups at RM10 each. 

Psst... They will soon be launching their exciting new festive menu from November onwards and ice cream lovers like us can indulge in enticing treats such as a special Winter Fondue, Christmas Lava Cake and Red Reindeer Christmas log cake. 

For more details, please visit their website at Check out our moment with Häagen-Dazs New Decadent Chocolate Flavours below...

Don't Hold Back and do enjoy our life to the fullest and spend our precious moments with our little ones. Bring back our wonderful childhood moments playing the traditional games together and educate our little ones so that the games will pass on to the future generations while indulging with our favourite Häagen-Dazs ice cream. The Häagen-Dazs New Decadent Chocolate Flavours is a must to have for all the ice cream and chocolate lovers. Don't miss it out and try it to love it while stay safe at home to prevent Covid-19 from spreading. #KitaJagaKita #DontHoldBack 'TogetherIsBetter #HaagenDazsMY #HDandMe


  1. Looks delicious. My favourite brand of ice cream. Gonna get it soon!

  2. Reminds me of our childhood games. Should get it for my kids too.

    1. Linda, especially during this CMCO, the traditional games indeed good for our kids and treat them some Haagen Dasz ice cream to reward them.

  3. My kids and I enjoyed the ice cream after we clean up our house together after grill painting last week. I love the ice cream. Good sharing!

  4. Seems like a good deal. Planning to get a gift for my aircon technician who has been helping me this year with projects.