Saturday, April 10, 2021

Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha Launches First Flagship Store at the Garden, Mid Valley

Gong cha had launches its first flagship store at the Garden, Mid Valley so that everyone could have their favourite milk tea and other Gong cha's various drinks series at our own convenient while shopping at one of the biggest and prestigious mall in Malaysia. Mommy Jane and Little Angels are here to witness the launched of Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha's first flagship store just now.

Gong cha's first flagship store is located at the 2nd Floor, The Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City. The newly refurbished outlet with a sleek interior design featuring the brand's signature red tone to elevate our bubble tea experience with a premium touch. 

The store also offers an exclusive menu as well as a premium bubble tea experience with designated seating areas. We can now have the drinks at the outlet itself which is a lounge area or a workstation fitted with plug points at an open area just outside the store. This arrangements give us the versatility to either get our work done comfortably while sipping on our favourite beverage or just relaxed and have some catch-up session with friends. 

Lounge Area


While you're there, remember to observe the strict SOPs to offer a peace of mind while curbing together the spread of Covid-19. Scan MySejahtera code, measure your temperature and record it in the book. Always wear mask when you're at the outlet and sanitise your hands.

The new Flagship Store will be serving premium tea brews at an introductory price of RM10 only besides their usual drinks on the menu. We could also get some Gong cha merchandise such as Straw-Hiding Tumbler, Color Changing Cup, Calendar, Planner etc.

Color Changing Cup at RM20.00 only. Choose either blue or pink colour.
Blue or Pink? Both the colours look so sweet. Blue for hubby and Pink for me. Yeah!!!

Gong cha Stainless Steel Tumbler with straw set at RM120

Stainless Steel Straw Set at RM15 to protect our environment and safe to use. 

Beautiful Blue Moonlight Night 2021 Planner at RM20 to plan the year

2021 Calendar at RM15

To celebrate the new store opening at the Garden, Mid Valley, stand a chance to win exclusive vouchers and merchandise from Gong cha when we play "Spin The Wheel" which is available on every Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 23rd April till 16th May 2021 at the outlet. All you need to do is to purchase any Gong cha's drinks with ShopeePay to participate but if you purchase Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha drink, you will have an extra chance to spin the wheel (Terms and conditions apply). Good Luck!!! 

Canvas Cup Holder at RM9

Eco Bag for Two at RM25

In conjunction with the ongoing Raya Bersama Shopee (a e-commerce platform) campaign, Gong cha is serving up a special drink for bubble tea lovers which is called as "Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha" drink. The drink features sweet and chewy strawberry flavoured heart-shaped pearls bathed in rich, luscious iced chocolate milk and topped off with Gong cha's signature salty and creamy milk foam which is perfect for iftar or an an after-meal dessert. 

"Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha" drink with heart-shaped pearls. A must to have drink!
As this drink is a limited edition, Shopee exclusive drink can only be bought from Food & Services Vouchers via the Deals, Top-Ups & Bills in-app portal for RM13 from 16th April till 14th May 2021 which can be redeemed at any Gong cha outlets nationwide. Psst... You can get it half price on 18th April, 20th April, 23rd April, 1st May, 5th May, 12th May & 14th May. Mark your date and purchase it at half price only at Shopee App on these particular dates!!!

Order your drinks here and wait for your number to collect your drinks

A clean and organised kitchen to prepare our favourite drinks

Besides the drinks at half price, do also check out the Deals Near Me in-app portal on the Shopee app for an amazing Gong Cha ShopeePay cashback voucher. At 5 sen only, ShopeePay users can enjoy a 40% cashback (capped at RM4) when we pay with ShopeePay at the outlet. Only on 18th April, we could also purchase Gong cha Shopee Pay Voucher to enjoy an RM8 cashback when we spend RM20. Such a great deal not to be missed by you and me!!!

Gong cha Strawberries series at RM18 for 2 cups at the Garden, Mid Valley

For more information and details, do visit from 16th April onwards. My video recorded during the opening and do enjoy watching it and remember to subscribe my youtube channel for more video creation.

Mommy Jane and Little Angels had tried out the Raya Bersama Shopee x Gong cha drink. The chocolate milk taste is so good because it adds rich and smooth cocoa powder to plain fresh milk. It tingles our tastebuds, fills up a hungry tummy and we had the pleasurable drinking experience with the chewy heart-shaped pearls and salty creamy foam. We love the taste of it and you shouldn't miss it too. :)

Tea Up, Light Up! Gong cha x Shopee will always light up our life!!!


  1. Great to have workstation there. I can enjoy my bubble milk tea while work on my project.

    1. Lydia, agreed with you. A bigger place for us to enjoy our favourite tea.

  2. Love the Gong cha merchandise especially the colour changing cup and the price is reasonable too.

    1. Jason, yeah... Can enjoy our favourite tea while collecting the merchandise.

  3. Will mark the dates to purchase from Shopee to try out the new drink.

    1. Sophia, hope you had enjoyed your new Gong Cha drink. :)