Friday, August 13, 2021

Educate Kids Digitally with LeapEd

Are our kids protected online? According to UNICEF, both boys and girls had reported receiving unwanted messages messages and images on social media and according to Google, 72% of Malaysian parents are concerned about online safety especially to our kids. Due to Covid-19 pandemic, our kids had immediate migration to online learning. They have extended time in cyberspace as compare to the times before the pandemic. Our teenagers aged 13 to 18 years old are in the high risk group coz' they are our country's future workforce. How do we prepare our kids for Digital Independence? After searching online, let me share with all of you on how I had prepared my Little Angels in an effective and yet affordable way.

LeapEd, an award-winning social enterprise and Malaysia's first homegrown Education Service Provider ("ESP), undertake education transformation programmes and projects to support system transformation, school leaders, teachers, students, parents and the wider community. Their focus area for students are positive learning environments to encourage holistic student outcomes, quality teaching and learning aligned to 21st century international best practise for teachers & classrooms, strategies to promote distributed and instructional leadership, a platform to engage parents and community to support student learning and a system culture to support continuous improvement and capacity-building.

LeapEd had recently introduced CyberWira "Didik Anak Digital" campaign. With just RM40, our teenager kids, aged 13 years old onwards, could attend the 100% online Digital Citizenship course. There are 8 interactive modules to build a comprehensive Digital literacy skills and knowledge. The course available in English or BM and it is the ONLY online course that covers all of the main elements of Digital Citizenship. The course also support several Key Thrusts and Strategies of the Malaysia Digital Economy Blueprint.

Why do we need CyberWira? Some parents might ask me this and the answers are simple. We as parents find it difficult to keep up with online developments or teach our kids on best practices. CyberWira helps our teenagers to avoid online pitfalls which can hurt their future chances of a successful career. We know that the technology use cannot be avoided, therefore, we must educate our teenagers to live responsibly with it. We cannot deny that online opportunities are there for the taking and all future businesses will utilise online space. We know that personal data is the most valuable commodity of the 21st Century and it must be protected.
What criteria a CyberWira should have? A CyberWira is someone who understands how to use technology safely, responsibly and creatively to build the best online reputation. He/She understands the importance of digital security and how to keep personal data safe and secure. He/She understands the negative impact that technology can have on people's lives if used irresponsibly and the copyright and importance of respecting others works. He/she understands the differences between online and offline communication and his/her rights and responsibilities when using technology.
Why CyberWira benefits to us as parents? With CyberWira, we will feel more confident when out kids are using the internet. Our kids will be able to understand and identify the positive & negative aspects of using the internet and they will be an upstander and take action in the even of seeing cyberbullying. Our kids will be well-prepared for the challenging digital world for now and the future and they will able to critically evaluate digital content and identity fake news.
What are the benefits of the CyberWira for our Teenagers? Our teenagers will be more confident to use technology safely, responsibly and creatively to build the best online reputation. They will be able to identify danger, fake news, scams and cyberbullying in the digital world and to keep personal data secure and understand the latest online threats. They will be able to communicate effectively and reflect on promote good behavior while online and the most important is they able to stay healthy while using technology. I'm sure this is what we as parents had wanted. Yeah!!!

What are the benefits for Teachers? Teachers will be able to identify student's potential in using technology and keep them creative. They can use it as part of the main curriculum and relate it to the digital world and use it as homework, or as part of computer club. They can keep up-to-date with what their students are currently exposed to in the digital world and can be used as part of Teacher professional development. Indeed a great news to all the teachers!

Me and my Little Angels had attended the CyberWira together and there are 8 modules to be completed in order to receive CyberWira Digital Citizenship. The 8 modules are Digital Footprint & Reputation, Digital Etiquette, Digital Security, Digital Literacy, Digital Communication, Digital Health & Wellness, Digital Commerce and Digital Rights & Reponsibilites. If you ask me how long for a person to complete all the modules, it depends on individually. The fastest is 3 hours and some might take months to finish it. It all depends on your will to attend the course. 

We can view the course at laptops, tablets and mobile phones anywhere and anytime that we want. We will never feel bored attending all the modules coz' there are videos, online games, quizzes and other online elements are used in every module to keep our kids active.
Sample of the CyberWira Digital Citizenship Certificate

The CyberWira course is price at RM40 only which is quite affordable for everyone and when you purchase a course, LeapEd will contribute a free CyberWira course to a student under B40 group. You can invite your friends to join the course too so that more under-privilege students got to enjoy the course for FREE! CyberWira courses are ideal for youths aged 13 to 18 years old. For more details, please visit LeapEd CyberWira website at

Do you want to win a CyberWira course for your teenagers or for yourself? There are 2 simple steps as follows:-
Step 1 : Like LeapEd Services on IG/FB
Step 2 : Post a picture/video of yourself at IG/FB and tell me why you need a FREE CyberWira Course. Tag me at @janechua18 at IG and @5littleangels at FB and add on hashtags of #didikananakdigital #cyberwira. 

5 winners will be selected based on the best answers and most tags. Contest will close on 22nd August 2021 and Winners will be notified on 30th August 2021. 

Do protect our kids by educate them to become CyberWira to ensure they have a healthy and happy development and protected from violence, exploitation and abuse on the internet which may have a big impact on their growing up process. For those who are joining the contest to win the course, a big Good Luck to all of you and stay safe!!!


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