Saturday, March 19, 2022

Feel the Balik Kampung with BGR Ramadhan Buffet

 Yeah.. We were back to Bangi Golf Resort for their Iftar Together-Gather food feast!!!

Covid-19 pandemic affects the world which came to a halt. A precedence strict travel and gathering restrictions were imposed since March 2020 and I'm sure many of us have missed celebrating festive seasons with our loved ones and spent holidays. We have relied heavily on virtual platforms to stay connected. 

2022 is the year where BGR believes that it is time to bring back. spirit f"Balik Kampung". wherever "Kampung" may be. The theme of "Iftar Together-Gather" fits the purpose of Iftar at BGR this year, bringing forth the spirit of celebrating the holy month with loved ones in a familiar setting, evoking various themes of nostalgia. BGR will once again be that meeting place for people to reconnect, catch up with one other, and rekindle friendships as you savour meal while breaking fast. That simple yet depraved gesture we have all missed the past two years.

This Ramadhan, the BGR line of chefs will continue to deliver their best dishes with quality ingredients for their signature Buffet Ramadhan, bringing back old favourites and introducing new flavours as they continue to excite your taste buds. 

Look forward to popular highlights like their famous freshly carved Kambing Bakar (lamb slow-roasted on the spit), piping hot bowls of Sup Kambing Mamak (Indian style Mutton Stew), fresh grilled house-made Satay, innovative Sous Vide Egg with Mushroom Espuma, flavorful Smoked Spaghetti Carbonara as well as authentic Spanish Churros with Thick Chocolate Sauce. Their lamb is indeed delicious.

Another good news is BGR continues to feature produce grown in their very own farm within the premise of BGR. Their chefs will be harvesting fresh vegetables, serving them during Iftar and providing guests with a unique "farm to fork" dining experience. We could have fresh vegetables during these Ramadhan.

Look forward to savouring Nasi Kerabu, the traditional blue rice dish served with home grown ulam (raw vegetables and herbs), kampung fried chicken, salted fish, fish crackers and a selection of sauces and condiments. The natural blue of the Nasi Kerabu comes from the petals of bunga telang (butterfly pea flower) grown in their farm. 

Some of this year's new additions not to be missed are Ayam Bakar Percik Selangor, Korean Fried Chicken, Korean Japchae, Japanese Beef Curry. Tom Yum Seafood, Pad Kra Pao (Thai Basil Chicken), Poach Chicken with Thai Suki Sauce, Mee Siam Goreng Meletup, Singapore Laksa, Penne with Creamy Korean Sauce and Liquid Snickers; which is certain to tantalise your taste buds.

Certified HALAL by JAKIM since 2009, BGR is one of very few golf resorts in Malaysia to receive this accreditation and they add to that; having recently received the HACCP certification for their kitchen. One simply doesn't question their continued commitment to Halalan Toyyiban, hygiene and food safety standards.

Diners can break fast at ease as BGR offers up to 800 complimentary parking lots as well as generous sized Male and Female prayer rooms (Surau) available for guest use.

BGR makes the utmost effort observing and practicing the recommended set of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) by the Health Ministry of Malaysia within their premises. Their seating capacities have been halved to ensure ample room for social distancing within their dining areas and buffet lines.

All guests are expected to be fully vaccinated in order to enter their premises with RELA officers in place to encourage SOP compliance, an assurance for guests to dine with ease.

Buffet Ramadhan pricing starts from RM60.00 per adult and RM30.00 per child. BGR Buffet Ramadhan will operate from 4th April 2022 till 1st May 2022. For groups booking, the price is different, check the price and make your reservations accordingly through their website All prices are subjected to 6% SST.

My video on the Ramadhan review as follows:-

For the upcoming events, the highly anticipated Durian Festival & Awards at Bangi Golf Resort will be making its come back this year from 1st - 3rd July 2022! 

A series of activities are in the works and will kick off as early as April 2022 in anticipation of the first “Durian Drop" of the season; starting with a seminar at BGR by durian expert Mr Lim Chin Khee. This will be followed by a Northern Durian Competition at Balik Pulau, Penang on 25th June 2022.

The World Durian Championship: Malaysia Edition happening at BGR on 1st July 2022 will see the gathering of all king of fruits competing in four categories: Musang King, Blackthorn, Open category for registered clones and Open category for unregistered clones (Kampung Durian).

On 2nd and 3rd July 2022, an extensive durian centric Farmers' Market will open on the grounds of BGR where guests will be able to cruise and shop from small traders and local agribusinesses. There will be various durian workshops and talks by farming experts and major industry players in Malaysia held concurrently, conducted over these 2 days.

Check out for Bangi Farm Resort's Facebook page and website for the latest details and updates of these activities as follows:-

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  5. Love the food photos here. Going to try it out. :)