Friday, November 11, 2022

French Victorian Glamour In Dual Birthday Bash of Influencer Zyro Wong & His Mom

I had known Zyro Wong for more than 5 years. The first time I saw him is when he invited bloggers to attend his birthday party. Since I stayed near to Plaza Arcadia, I accepted the invitation yearly but this round, he held his birthday party at Black Tower Cafe, Cheras. Even though it is a bit far from my house but I still attended his party since the party was put in hold for almost 3 years.

Me, Zyro, his amazing Mom, beautiful Sisters and my blogger friends

Zyro Wong has always been known for his flamboyant birthday parties and I had always enjoyed attended his parties. During my 1st time attended his birthday party, I won an air purifier worth RM2k plus and I had been using the air purifier till now. You might wonder who is Zyro and how he could have such a lavish party? Zyro was a branding consultant cum influencer. 

Happy Birthday to Zyro and his Mom!!! The stunning cake was sponsored by Petit Bikes.

For his and his Mom's birthday party this year, it has taken a notch higher with his theme - Paix, Amour, Bonheur. This means Peace, Love, Happiness and that is exactly the atmosphere that lit up the whole night.

A kiss for his beloved Mother, Madam Lay Yong who took care of him and his sisters after his father passed away when they were young.

For Zyro's party this year, he received lots of sponsors to organise his parties yearly and this year alone, the sponsors contributed more than RM100,000 worth of gifts as lucky draws which included Dolemon, Empro, LUMOS Projector, Chidorri Wellness Spa, Smileway Dental Clinic, Epigenetic Wellness Centre, Clinic Terry Lee, CSVD, The Alley, Chang Jiang White Coffee,  ParkRoyal Collection KL, le Mariage Bridal, BAM & Co., Vanessa Lee Makeup, Liz Beauty Academy, Winz Loo Saloon, Nan Yang Chen Siang, Ideal Beauty House, Caroline Ang, SamSpace, Fei Fei Crab, DJL, Deroma and Afeer Kuala Lumpur.

Presentation of Certificate of Appreciation to all the Sponsors

Thanks to the sponsors for the great gifts

Venue sponsor, Black Tower Cafe with its stunning iconic replica of the Eiffel Tower at the compound, was the perfect setting, showcasing both indoor and outdoor d├ęcor that are superbly Instagrammable.
There were over 200 guests who came in vintage Parisian elegance and the night echoed the epitome of fun, fashion and fantasia with sumptuous buffet spread, casual chatter amongst old and new friends. We were being entertained by a repertoire of top Malaysian performers i.e. Christine & Joshua, Fara Dolhadi, Ben Ng, Candice, Ying Ying, Louisa, Kryz & Bernard and magicians Chase and Adrian.


It was truly a night to remember, in true fashionista and influencer glamour. Celebrants Dr Zyro Wong and his mother, Madam Siew Yong, reigned the stage with their Victorian-themed wardrobe with full regal accessories. Dr Zyro himself was a fashionista with 4 wardrobe changes, each time wowing the crowd for photo opportunities.

Handsome celebrities and Mr Malaysia whom had attended the party

If you would to know more on Zyro Wong, do head over to his IG and FB page @zyrowonghk for more details. Do watch the video of the event as below...
Thanks to Zyro for the invitation to attend his birthday parties for the 3rd times. I enjoyed the scrumptious and delicious food cooked by the Black Tower Cafe and love the environment so much. Since this will be their last event before they close for renovation, I will definitely come back again for their food and the fine dining experience. Thanks for the Essential Oil which worth around RM150 that I won at the lucky draw presented by Zyro's Mom and the gifts given to me. Hope to be part of the event again next year.


  1. Nice place to be with. :)

    1. Evelyn, agreed. A great party to attend with so much happening on that night.

  2. Your dress is nice on you. Congrats on your winning!