Tuesday, July 4, 2023

The Square by Jaya One Celebrates 5-Year Aanniversary of Being Pet-Friendly

Me and my Little Angels recently attended the 5 Years Anniversary celebration of The Square by Jaya One with the theme, ‘Truly Yours, Truly Pet-Friendly’.

Said Hi to Didi, an abandoned dog with 3 legs
The celebration will be held throughout the month of July 2023 as an expression of gratitude toward the community for all the learnings over the years championing pet-friendly initiatives. It is also parallel to reaffirming The Square’s core beliefs and values as a pet-friendly space built on the foundation of championing social responsibility, notably rehoming and education programs.

Please help DiDi, Arina and other abandoned animals by donating some money to support them

Owners and their lovely Pets who always patron Jaya One due to its pets friendly entity

Jaya One in Collaboration with their Partners to made their events successful

Being a pet-friendly entity, Jaya One has been a pioneer in championing the fundamentals of social responsibility in collaboration with the animal welfare organisation, Malaysian Dogs Deserve Better (MDDB). With continuous adoption drives and education initiatives, The Square has successfully supported over 1000 rounds of pet adoption initiatives working together with more than 100 pet shelters, animal rescue groups, organisations and non-profit communities to help rehome over 2000 pets over the past 15 years.

Creative pet grooming competition 

With the core values of championing animal protection in mind, The Square was revamped and mapped out in 2018 with careful consideration of 4 Key Pillars as the cornerstones of the transformation, namely Rehoming Programs, Education Programs, Pet-friendly Restaurants & Working Spaces, and Events & Bazaars. The upgrade was also in line to support the demand for a more comfortable pet-friendly space that caters to fur-families’ lifestyle needs, as well as to help the community develop responsible and caring behaviour toward animals, preventing animal cruelty and neglect in the long term. 

Come and adopt this lovely Pet away. Give him a new HOME!
Get closed or even touch and hold these exotic animals at only RM5 per entry

In line with that, a succession of social initiatives followed such as stray feeding by Cat Mojos, Trap-Neuter-Release-Manage (TNRM) program by Busy Boarders, adoption drives by MDDB, Second Chance Animal Society and Pads & Paws KL to name a few, pet first aid courses by PetMedic, puppy training by Puppy School, pet education workshops by JomPaw, and many more – with a greater cause and aim to build a more sustainable and civic-minded community.

Dining in with their Lovely Pets
You can find lots of cute puppies here...
Adoption drives are carried out twice every month to help the strays. Most restaurants and bars in The Square are pet-friendly, and the Retail Linkway below The Square has a range of restaurants with pet-friendly dining zones to allow more space for pet owners to dine with their pets comfortably. Aside from dining, The Square is also home to Malaysia’s very first pet-friendly coworking space, Common Ground as well as Malaysia’s first pet-friendly Theatre Hall.
Don't miss out their Pet Movie Day where you could watch movie with your favourite pets

The ‘Truly Yours, Truly Pet-Friendly’ tribute in July is a celebration of The Square’s 5 years anniversary of being pet-friendly. Echoing expression of gratitude, attendees can look forward to a host of exciting activities, including a Masterclass & Demos on German Shepherds, a Pet Emergency Response Workshop, a Pet Agility Challenge, an Adoption Carnival, Pet Movie Day and more from 1-23 July 2023. Pet owners can also get your pets a stunning personalised Front Cover Magazine feature of their choice for FREE by sending in your pet photos taken in The Square here: https://forms.gle/rbnscHDDfFtfEeib7. These activities and workshops are open to the public and specially curated for all pet-families as an appreciation for your support, feedback, and guidance all these years. 

One of the Pet-Friendly Restaurant at Jaya One

Supported by pet-friendly restaurants in The Square and the retail linkway, pet owners can enjoy 10% off their total bill when dining with their pets throughout the month of July. The participating restaurants include Sangkaya and Kim Lian Kee at Level P2 Retail Linkway; Kim’s Roaster at Level P1 Retail Linkway; Apple Samgyupsal, Tommy Thongchai, Three Stooges and IPPUDO at Level G The Square; and MeTime Book Cafe at Level 1 The Square.

Do check out my video on the event as below...

Come and enjoy a host of amazing events by checking out The Square’s social media for latest updates. Admission is free for all the pet-friendly events, detailed below. For more information, visit https://www.jayaone.com.my/.

Thanks to The Square by Jaya One for collaborating with NGOs to help those abandoned animals to find their new OWNER and new HOME. Also, Congrats for celebrating 5-year anniversary of being pet-friendly. All the ownders could now enjoy shopping and dining at the Square by Jaya One together with their favourite pets.


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