Thursday, February 1, 2024

Grand Opening Ceremony of Health & Wellness Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (HWCCM): Pioneering Unity and Growth in the Industry

Attended the grand opening ceremony of Health & Wellness Chamber of Commerce Malaysia (HWCCM): Pioneering Unity and Growth in the Industry on last Saturday, 27 January 2024 at Komune Living & Wellness Cheras. Also attended by distinguished guests, industry leaders, and representatives from various sectors, the event symbolizes a collective commitment to shaping the future of the Health and Wellness industry in Malaysia. It is also marking a significant milestone in the Malaysian health and wellness industry and signifies the beginning of an era dedicated to unifying the sector and elevating industry standards. 

HWCCM established in 2022 and it is not just an organization, it's a dynamic and forward-thinking force committed to fortifying the foundations of the Health and Wellness sector. The grand opening ceremony witnesses the realization of a vision rooted in sustainability and growth, setting the stage for a new era in industry collaboration. 

The ceremony was attended by Datuk Sri Dr. Khani Daud, Vice President, and Max Phoo, Deputy Secretary General, both from HWCCM. Datuk Sri Dr. Khani Daud introduced HWCCM as a dynamic force fortifying the Health and Wellness sector. The Chamber's mission is to shape the future, fostering unity, innovation, and holistic development. Their core values include "UNITY," and the vision centers on sustainable growth where health takes center stage alongside business development. 

Datuk Sri Dr. Khani Daud, Vice President of HWCCM

Max Phoo, representing HWCCM, introduced HWCCM's membership opening in January 2024, offering tailored benefits to BRAND and PERSONAL members. The emphasis was on unlocking exclusive benefits for members, including premium resource access, networking opportunities, and tailored wellness initiatives. Additionally, he highlighted the Health & Wellness Golf Tournament Malaysia in 2024, comprising three events promoting well-being beyond traditional golf tournaments. The tagline "Healthier businesses, happier lives" underscored the commitment to holistic growth in the health and wellness sector. 

Max Phoo, Deputy Secretary General of HWCCM
The introduction of HWCCM's membership program and the announcement of the Health & Wellness Golf Tournament Malaysia showcased the Chamber's dedication to providing exclusive benefits, networking opportunities, and innovative events for its members. With a mission centered on "Healthier businesses, happier lives," HWCCM is poised to lead the industry into a future where commerce and health thrive together. The opening ceremony served as a testament to unity, innovation, and the collective journey of growth and elevation in the health and wellness sector. 

The event garnered esteemed attention from influential figures across various sectors. Notable attendees included Datuk Sri Dr. Khani Daud (Vice President), Dato Ng Chen Yee (Secretary General), Max Phoo (Deputy Secretary General), Teh Han Xian (HealthLand), Alexa (Razer), Dato Louis Chong (Medisana Malaysia), Alex Chau (Amkang Waterlab), En. Shah (Tini's Spa), En. Quadri (The Ruumah Spa), Daphne (SYCARDA), Candice(Beaumedics), Jason Woo, Josephine Chan & Jason Wong (Clara International) and Janet Wang (Skin Renew). 

Their presence underscored the significance of HWCCM in fostering collaboration across diverse industries and affirmed the chamber's pivotal role in shaping the future of health and wellness in Malaysia. The ceremony was a convergence of influential minds, setting the tone for a collaborative and transformative journey ahead. Watch the video of the event as below...

Thanks to HWCCM for the invitation and glad to be part of the grand opening ceremony. Looking forward a better healthcare system for all of us in Malaysia and in an affordable manner to create a happy life. To stay healthy, remember to book your appointments for a nice massage session at Healthland Family Wellness Centre to enhance our wellbeing, release stress and for a moment of relaxation.


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  3. Hopefully our healthcare system will improve after the opening of HWCCM.

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