Tuesday, May 18, 2010


Brought my children to Dentalpro at Bangsar in conjunction of the launch of Kids Club to educate them and get them familiarise with the Dental instead have just going there when teeth problems arise. To ease their fear for their Dentist also.

Members were given special rate for the treatment listed as compare to normal fee.

We are given tour by the Dentist and explained to us which rooms for what purposes and we got to see the X-Ray machine and the results of the X-Ray from the computer that connect with the machine.

The environment was so natural full with plants and fishes that the children eager to see the fishes from the floor of 1 of the dentist room. Its just so relaxing...

Later the children were treated with a small refreshment.

Each children got their free membership card and a small goodie bag on their way home.

Hope Dentalpro will be organising more activities to educate children way to take care of their own teeth.

Even its just half an hour visit, children were very excited as this is the first time they get to familiarise with the place without doing any checking, filling, extraction etc.

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