Friday, May 21, 2010

Healthy Children, Healthier Nation – Start Young

We went to Nutrition Month at Mid Valley on Saturday morning with my eldest Sister and her children. So total 2 adults taking care of 6 children. A bit tiring but seeing children playing happily together mades us the adult of course be happy also.
Children got to do some dancing with Nestle Mat Cool maskot. Good exercise and children got to bring home rain coat or school bags for participating.

Nestle with their theme of "Nourishing Malaysia".

Children got to taste Yoco which helps their body to produce good bacteria which is good for digestion.

They also got to taste cold milo for free. Yummy...

They got to touch and feel the malt which mades milo so nutritious.

These are the 10 signs to informed us that the children are healthy.

Kids enjoyed learning and guidance on the Nutrition Tips from the Nutrition Month at Mid Valley. They enjoyed making sandwiches, colouring, shopping for their nutrition meals, jig saw puzzle, dancing etc. They took home some goodies from those sponsor also.
Overall its a good start to educate children to take good care of their health even though they are still young. Prevention better than cure...

"Healthy Children, Healthier Nation-Start Young"

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