Thursday, May 13, 2010

Zoo Negara

Me and my hubby brought our children to Zoo Negara. Already more than 25 years since the last time I been there and hubby not even been there before. We decided to bring our children to let them see all those animals directly and educate them many species of the animals. The entrance fee is RM25 for MyKad holder which include the butterfly farm. For more information, do visit these website

We went to the butterfly farm and had to add an extra RM5 for it but its worth it as the butterflies are flying freely around you. Do watch your step as you might step one of them.

Penguins in a cold compartment. They ate fish and can swim very fast. The tiny animal which I can't remember what it calls also. Ha ha ha...

They enjoy watching the animals show also where sealions, eagles, parrot etc giving an impressive performance. Children really excited and we watch it twice.

Bought some sugar cane that cost me RM6 for 3 sticks of sugar cane for them to experience feeding an elephant. They really excited doing it.

Siberian tigers and it reminds me of Singapore Zoo where the white tigers attacked a Malaysian. Scary... but a good experience to let children to see tiger lively.

Cute baby Ape. Reminds me of Ape Sanctuary at Bukit Merah Lake Town Resort. We had to sit a boat in order to get there which is an Apes Island and the Apes are wondering around while we, the human like in the cage. Ha ha ha...

Overall children enjoyed most but its worth to visit. Much much cheaper than Singapore Zoo that I went last year. Almost half the price. If we don't expect as same quality as Singapore Zoo, then this place is the place that we should bring our children for some activities and outings in KL since its very near also and save us a lot of $$$. Ha ha ha...

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  1. I went to the zoo recently.. din get to see tigers one...
    Ur photos are nice!