Thursday, July 8, 2010

Family Fun-nival at BSC

Last month during school holiday, brought my children to Bangsar Shopping Centre for Family Fun-nival. They enjoyed playing various games in at least 20 games stall.

It was beautifully decorated and children just loves the atmosphere of it.

The following are the games stall that they let another Company that specialised in organising fun fair to organise a carnival for the whole family. All prizes was sponsored by BSC. It suits children to play and children really enjoyed it.

There are some stall selling toys, foods, dress, pedicure etc ...

My children also enjoyed riding pony at a fee of RM5 for 15 minutes. They felt excited racing and see who got into the line first. They also enjoyed playing sand art at only RM1 per piece.

These are the prizes that won by my children at the carnival.

BSC so generous giving out such a lovely big presents for those who won the games and for those who not, will also getting a prize even though just a small wan. My children love it as they had all types of toys now. So, don't think will buy them any toys this year or maybe next year also. Really save a lot. Ha ha ha...

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