Friday, June 4, 2010

Everly Resort Malacca

Last weekend since it is Wesak public holiday, we went to Malacca for 3 days 2 nights. My family, parents and my siblings meet up at Malacca. We drive from KL and my 2nd Sis from Singapore. Eager to meet them up and catch up latest news amongst ourselves. We choose Everly Resort Malacca which is a 5-star resort coz' my brother bought the membership card for RM580 which valid for a year and can get discount up to 80% per room. For more information, pls log on their website :

We book two 3-bedrooms apartment that comes with a kitchen, living and dining hall. Quite spacious and each apartment can accommodate 6 adults and 4 children. Each apartment normal price is around RM1,200 and after 80% discount, we only pay RM250 per apartment per night. Its a good offer especially so many of us staying there.

All the rooms and the living hall facing pool and seaview. Really relaxing especially at night, as can hear the sounds of the wave from the sea. Ha....

One of the statue that caught my eyes which was beautifully installed at a small pond with waterfall, flowers, plants and fishes.

Children enjoyed swimming at the pool with their cousins. All of them play happily.

While waiting for our lunch to be served, took some pictures surrounding which includes the receptionist and the restaurant.

Had a nice lunch with my family at the resort. We ate black pepper crab, nyonya style prawn, Nyonya omelete, sweet n sour fish, hot and spicy fish, sambal belacan fried asparagus, mixed vegetables, chicken kapitan and tangy chicken with potato for 12 adults and 9 children. Food mostly Malacca nyonya style. Yummy...

We stuck in the traffic jam for 4 hours instead of normal 2 hours. Really bored and sleepy sitting in the car. Children also throw some thantrum as too bored already. Its late evening by the time we reached KL.

Overall minus the jam, everything went smoothly. We spend most of our time at the resort to catch up all our happenings and share our views especially dealing with children. Children also having fun as able to play with their cousins. Its good to have it 3 times a year to build a family bond.
Thanks to my eldest brother who took some of his busy schedule to organise it every times for us. For him, family bonding is the secret to happy, well-balanced children and adults. Family is one of the most important word in our English vocabulary. It is where we get our values from and how we nurture each other to be who we are. Families with strong ties to each member are usually successful families that care and take care of each other.
Once again, thanks brother Kim. We'll appreciate your effort...

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  1. Well Done Sis!!! Coz i just know how to comment but cannot write myself. Just some comments from me that it will be perfect if you ended with our family photo which you have taken. Another advise is that your title is your four little angels but you did not include their photos. Why don't you titled it as OUR SIBLINGS FAMILY BOND and included more photos of it. Your blog looks more like advertising for Everly Resort coz' too many photos of their resort. Lastly, very good drafted and photos taken are beautiful