Thursday, January 9, 2014

Johnson's Baby Blue Bath Media Rountable Interview

It is a great pleasure for me being invited by Johnson Malaysia to join the Media Rountable Interview with Dr Leong Kin Fon at the Gardens Hotel & Residences. Dr Leong is a Paediatric Dermatologist, Paediatric Department at Hospital Kuala Lumpur. Dr. Leong has been an Ordinary Member with the Malaysian Medical Association since 2001, and is a member with Medecins Sans Fronteires, or better known as ‘Doctors Without Borders’. He shared with us why toddlers’ skin is different from adults in function and composition; and highlight the importance to continue to cleanse and moisturise toddlers with products formulated for their delicate skin. 
For your information, baby skin cells are smaller and 30% thinner than adult thin cells. They're also less lipids and less natural moisturising factor and easily lose water faster. Thats why it is important to clean unwanted bacterial effectively, help prevent undesirable consequences such as infections. We're not just killing the 99.9% germs, but modify the local environment for "good" bacteria to grow. There are few types of cleanser but please ensure that mild and gentle cleansing product for babies to maintain the skin hydration without disrupting its pH, lipid and humectants and be mild and gentle for non-sensitive type of babies' skin, non-irritating and non-sensitizing, with approved low allergenic potential preservatives & fragrances.

Dr Leong is kind and he is a very good presenter also. Smile all the time and friendly too. My question to him is until what age a baby should use the lotions and his answer is there is no limitation. Even when you're old, you should still use the lotion to keep your skin moisturised which I agreed with him. Even the beautiful Mom MC said everyone can become Johnson's baby too as we'll used it till we depart. Tqvm, Dr Leong for sharing the ideas with us and also thanks to the Mom MC who made the event merrier...

Next we have this Iron lady, Irene Cheah who is Group Brand Manager of Johnson's baby who shared with us Johnson's baby Science.

Irene had posted a question asking the audience how long Johnson's had been a leader in understanding infant skin needs and creating products that meet these needs and bonding between baby & mother and designing products to reinforce this natural bond. My answer to her is many many years since I had been using it since born. Ha ha ha .... To be exact is over 119 years. Means my parents, my grandparents and my great grandparents had been using it. Quite long generations and no wonder my Mom always said Johnson's products were the best for my baby...

All Johnson's products had undergo thorough safety review and clinical safety evaluations that performed to ensure mildness to both skin and eyes and to demonstrate skin and eyes and to demonstrate skin benefits. Johnson's baby understand how babies' skin, hair and eyes are different and more vulnerable than adults. They also understand that touch and eye contact is the earliest way that mother and child can share their loving bond, thus they're committed to take care of babies skin and eyes. Their products have been specifically formulated for use on delicate baby skin.

My question to Irene was what is the different between bedtime lotion and normal lotion as I really don't know how to differentiate it when I have to choose the best lotion for my baby. Her answer is bedtime lotion scientifically proven mades baby slept 45% longer as compared to normal one. Thanks to her for sharing and now I'll get 2 types of lotions for my baby so that he can sleep better.

Thanks again to Johnson's Malaysia and Butterfly project for inviting me to this event as I gained lots of useful information tips to take care of my baby skin and cleared all my queries all this while. Its a great event to share out with great information. I hope all my readers got some tips from here...

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