Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Our Today Moments

Journey of motherhood brings incredible experiences or great joys to a me as a Mum of 5 wonderful children but the reality of having to juggle between work and family can sometimes create a lot of emotional tensions for me. As I always constantly caught in the daily to-dos, such as work, prepared kids to school and picking up them from the daycare, bathing feeding them plus household chores, really left not much time for me to spend quality time with my kids. As a result, I always felt lack of time, exhausted, guilty for not spending enough time with my kids and keep on postponing my plans with my kids and sometimes made me feel torn between work and family and even husband.
Our Today Moment refers to the time that we spend with our children, the time we set aside our daily to-dos and focus on today and making the effort to make every moment count with my kids which I call this quality time "Our Today Moments".
I were given a chance to do a Friso Mum Survey early of the month and after the survey, I realise that I had miss out those special moments of my 5 childrens' developmental milestone example their first words and their first steps. I felt stress as I had to struggles to balance between career and family commitments to be a great Mum and making time to spend as quality time with my kids.
According to a survey, Malaysian Mum spends an average of 6 hours 45 minutes with their children in a day and it considers as 60% of their time spent with their children as "quality time but unfortunately, working Mums like me spend less time and consider a lower portion of my time spend with my children as "quality time". We as working Mum only spend about 2.5 hours lesser than a non-working Mum or housewife with their children and only half of our time with our children consider as "quality time". More than half working Mums like me felt that that we does not have enough time with our children. We don't have enough time in our daily life, we missed out our children's development, we often struggle between work, housework and our family, we feel guilty for not spending enough time with our children and we try to fulfil our children's needs by giving them what they want, we want to do activities with our kids but don't know how to start it, we want our husband to be responsible and involved in taking care of our children, planning of family activities and even doing household chores instead of just concentrating on working.
We will express our love with our children but discipline them is the utmost important. We are loving but yet we need to be strict to our kids so that they know what they can do and what they can't. Let us decide for them until they are capable to made the right decisions but by the meantime, we need to train them and guide them also so that they'll learn the best way. We want to be perceived as friendly and someone who guides our children in the journey of growing up together.

It is important for us as a Mom to prioritize our time spend with our kids as quality time by create our "today" moments during their growing up years so that our children will become a better person tomorrow, a person that have full of love, commitment, care and a person with high responsibility...

To know more about "Our Today Moments" and the survey results, please refer to https://www.facebook.com/FrisoGrowingUpTogether
My resolution for 2014 is I pledge to spend more of my quality time with my children from now-on. By doing my blog, I hope that my children will be able to read the quality time that I had spend with them when they grow up and things that I do for them so that it will always fresh in our mind even though the times had passed.... 


  1. Hi read your blog.. im joint the survey too.. heatic to be a mum ya? But it also wonderful moment :)

  2. Agreed with you, Mama Amana & Arief. Right now I enjoying my life with my little Angels and seeing them growth happily is the satisfaction of my life. Followed yours, pls followed mine here so that we can share our experience together...