Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Farm in the City

It was my lucky day as able to join Virtual Malaysia, Malaysia Social Travel Channel and other fellow bloggers and family to visit Farm in the City at Seri Kembangan ("FITC"). Since alone, I only able to brought 3 of my Angels i.e. CM, CW & WT to explore the adventure...

Mr Rajagopal, FITC's Sales and Marketing Manager gave us a short briefing before we began with the tour.

Farm in the City (FITC) is an unique concept that combines the elements of wildlife and nature set in a designed environment of a conservation park. 

FITC is a park that is COMPLETELY FREE OF CAGES. All animals are allowed to roam free in special enclosures which mimic as closely as possible to their natural habitat. 
WT petting the little cute rabbit while feeding them with vege

CW enjoyed catching fish from the Longkang Fishing
CM holding the World Largest Ostrich Egg
There are more than 100 exotic animals and more than 40 types of tropical fruits, you'll amaze how a farm in the City can accommodate so many animals in a natural environment. We not only able to see all the animals in a short distance, we can also touch them, feed them and play with them in the enclosures...

CM feeding lots of fish and goose can be seen
CW enjoyed sitting swing in a Village Theme Concept
The Zoo has many rare animals and you can see World's Smallest Species of Horse, Giant tortoises, World's Smallest Species of Crocodile, World's Largest Species of Rabbit, Palm Sized Monkey and many more...

World Smallest Species of Horse having its lunch

Even a goat can be bigger than human being when they stand up
Few Ostrich can be seen

The farm has been divided into 11 habitats i.e. Mood's Lake, Turtle & Tortoise Farm, Bird Aviary, Reptile Cavern, Rabbit Farm, Pets Village, Jungle Walk, Vegetable & Fruit Farm, Savannah, Longkang Fishing and Kampong Mahmood.

Pony rides available to at RM7 per round. Wanted to let my Angels to experience the ride but when we reached there, the workers said its closed for lunch. Too bad that we miss the experience, nevertheless, we able to post with some of the photos there. Hopefully the next trip, my Angels can experience it...

FITC is located at Jalan Prima Tropika Barat, Bandar Putra Permai, 43300 Seri Kembangan. You can contact them at 03-89413099/2099 or check their facebook at

Thanks again to the organiser, Virtual Malaysia and FITC for organise such a good event for me and my Angels. Special thanks to Nor Hidayah for taking lots of effort to ensure a succesful event for all of us...
With the Organiser, Nor Hidayah and my children proudly holding their certificate of attendance 
A good experience and a good adventure for me and my Angels to touch, cuddle, play and even feed the animals. We never so close to the animals before and Farm in the City is the best place for my Angels to interact with the animals. Its been quite tiring for all of us but the experience will never be forgetable. My Angels enjoyed most was fishing at the longkang. Once reached home, they immediately informed their Daddy on the experience that they had and ask Daddy to bring them there again...


  1. hehe.. so nice see you again :D
    fun day's out with family.
    oo.. ostrich egg.. heavy or not? we not try hold

  2. Nice meeting you too, Shirley and thanks for letting me know about the gathering. Ostrich egg is empty. Just the shell only. Thats why not heavy at all...

  3. Is nice place and kids very enjoy. Will bring my youngest lo next time. Both gor gor like it and enjoy so much.