Monday, April 7, 2014

Interesting place at Ipoh

Lots of peoples who had been to Ipoh don't know that there is a must to go for holiday when you're at Ipoh. This place is call as "Taman Rekreasi Gunung Lang". It is everyone include my little Angels' favourite place to go.
My Angels love the place as they can feed the big big fishes there and sit on a speed boat to an island. There are lots of fishes here...
The island is quite a small as within half an hour, you can finish touring the island. To get to the island, speed boat takes around 10 minutes to reach there. You can see big big turtles there too and just buy RM1 bread to feed the turtles. 

This tower is a 4-storey tall and when you go up to the top, its quite windy. The surrounding looks beautiful and for those who love natural scenery, do come and visit here. 

There are some chickens, birds, rabbits and small little animals. The playground consider quite big with surrounded with natural scene. My Angels love to run around enjoying slides, swing, see saw etc. Not many peoples at the place and the best thing is the entrance to the island is free. You only need to pay a minimal amount for the boat rides. 
My Angels favourite were to have a boat ride at a speed boat. They love the excitement riding at a speed boat and the strong wind blowing their hair off.

The price schedule on speed boat rides for adults and children... Cheap, right ? Don't think you can get it especially at KL... 
Everytime we went back to Ipoh to visit their grandparents as Ipoh is my husband hometown, if times available, we'll definitely will go to Gunung Lang as it is recommended place for adults and children. Not many peoples know about this place as we need to drive around 20 minutes out from town but this place is definitely a must to visit when you come to Ipoh. With a minimal amount of money spend, adults can relax their mind, soul and energy admiring all those natural scenery with fresh air. Children will able to feed fish and turtles while enjoying boat rides and playing at the big playground. Come and visit Gunung Lang now....