Wednesday, July 16, 2014


I was invited to attend the launch of MYHERO at Mezza9, Publika Shopping Gallery on 16.7.14. At first, I wonder what all this about till I attended the event. Let me explain to all of you the usage of it...
MYHERO is an innovative platform connecting urban communities together through geolocation technology, in particular gated communities, universities and neighbourhoods. MYHERO is aiming to be the leading platform for local communities to interact and help out one another. With the soaring growth of mobile users in Malaysia, MYHERO can be used to share community related information such as crime awareness, road closures to simple activities such as looking for the closest babysitter.
Become a Hero by report it if you saw any accidents to help your community to report the matter to police or to safeguard yourself if someone kidnap you as once you report it, they'll know your locations
Using safety as a cause, MYHERO is a local network which comes with epic superpowers to connect your loved ones and public community at the same time...
Become a Hero by report it if there is Traffic jam to ensure the community avoid that road and you can check from the map if anyone need your help
The event saw members of the press, bloggers, industry captains and community builders witness the launch of MYHERO and its long term goal of building a "digitally connected community".

"We have received tremendous feedback from the local neighbours expressing interest in adopting MYHERO as a connectivity platform in their neighbourhoods", said Mr Chan Wei Chi, Co-Founder of MYHERO.
Mr Chan showing his MYHERO apps
"We are looking at enhancing the local communities through technology beyond just the mobile application as currently we have several plans to incorporate hardware technology to help develop smart communities across Malaysia", explained by Tay Shu Yih, CTO of MYHERO.
A group of MYHERO friendly staff willing to served and helps out those in needs 
What is MYHERO background ? Let me explain to you... MYHERO is a trademark of Dino Media Group of Companies located at Solaris Dutamas. Dino Media, the Company which develops MYHERO is based in Kuala Lumpur and Penang. It was first established in September 2013. Apart from MYHERO, the Company operates a variety of content portals and video production. You can contact them at 03-62065199 or email to them at Check through their website at MYHERO website...

What did MYHERO have in their Superpowers ? First : Safe & Sound. It is important for every HERO to know that their loved ones are Safe & Sound. With MYMERO, telling your loved ones that you're Safe & Sound is just at one push of a button. Sounds great, right ?
Thanks to these 2 beautiful ladies who assist me to download the application on that day...
Second : Groups. Being a HERO is not a solo effort. Create or join various groups or even host your own private groups to share and receive the latest updates from your beloved ones.

My icon at MYHERO apps
Third : Distress Alert. The safety of every HERO is vital. In case of emergency, use MYHERO's SOS feature to send notifications to your loved ones and nearby heroes for backup.
Fourth : Monitor. Heroes are often required to watch after their neighbourhood. Fortunately with MYHERO, you can get updates using your smartphone anywhere and anytime.
With the Emcee for the day, Mr Cody Lim who had a great voice
Fifth : Report. A Hero's role is to keep everyone informed in town. You are able to report and share incidents with MYHERO. It is important to use this superpower wisely.
Sixth : Rewards. Being a HERO is exciting and rewarding. Earn Hero Points to collect exclusive avatars which can be traded for real-life rewards. Now, who says that it doesn't pay to be a HERO?
Tqvm to MYHERO for the invitation to their exclusive launch and the explanations on the usage. I had learned something new today and I'm very happy with it. By having these MYHERO applications, I can become a Hero. Not only savings everyone's life, I can save my life too. So, anyone want to become a Hero, download the apps now and best of all, it's FREE FOR LIFE. Join me now and save a life today...  
Won the grand prize of the Superhero limited editions

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