Friday, August 22, 2014


It was a great pleasure to be invited to the world’s leading deodorant brand, Rexona at Sunway Pyramid as they launched the new improved Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ that is especially formulated with body-responsive microcapsules technology that burst and release long-lasting fragrance allowing active women to enjoy all-day freshness. All the bloggers and the media had the opportunity to try it first and see whether it really works...
with Kelly, Elana Khong and Sherry Go
As you can see, confidence is the key to looking great and feeling fresh. The new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ accommodates modern women who have busy lifestyles, from commuting to work every morning, moving from one meeting to the next or hitting to the gym after work. The technology in Freshprotect gives extra protection against sweat and odour as the microcapsules release bursts of fragrance throughout the day as she moves, giving them the confidence to do more during the day. To prove it, all of us were divided into 5 groups. Each group had to complete the 5 tasks within a stipulated time before we move to another challenge. We really have to run here and there so that we could complete our mission. We sweat, shouting and cheering a lot but the fragrance gave us the freshness all the time. 

Passion Dry keeps me feel great all the time
“As the world’s leading deodorant brand, Rexona understands that women want a dependable and long-lasting solution to overcome those everyday moments of increased adrenalin and sweat – whether at the office, at the gym, or with friends. The new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ is designed especially to provide women with burst of long-lasting fragrance for all-day freshness,” said Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director, Unilever (M) Holdings Sdn Bhd. “This unique patented technology, makes the new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ the only antiperspirant that reacts directly to body movement with underarm friction that triggers the microcapsules to burst and release fresh fragrance when you need the most. Now, women are assured of a deodorant that won’t let you down.”

with Ashlee Ng, Personal Care Director
Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ is available in five variants to suit the different lifestyles - Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion, Whitening and Powder Dry. Shower Clean gives you all-day shower freshness feeling while Free Spirit will keep your confidence alive with its uplifting mild fragrance for long-lasting dryness protection. Passion provides all-day dryness protection with its vibrant floral fragrance and Whitening especially formulated with natural sunflower seed oil will give you fairer underarms in just two weeks! Lastly, Powder Dry has two times more dryness protection with the benefits of talcum essence.

Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ Shower Clean, Free Spirit, Passion and Powder Dry 150ml bottles are pricedat RM11.90 while Whitening 150ml is priced at RM12.90. The improved deodorant sprays are now available at all leading pharmacies, hypermarkets and supermarkets across Malaysia.

To further bring the new and exclusive microcapsules technology with long-lasting fragrance to life, Rexona kicked off a 5-days concourse roadshow in Sunway Pyramid starting from 20 August 2014 (Wednesday) till 24 August 2014 (Sunday). Attendees were given a chance to experience the power of the microcapsules in the new Rexona Spray for Women with Freshprotect™ in the huge Bubble Room and the Running Bubble Game. Consumers were also treated to interesting stage games and performances with exciting prizes to be won. For more information, please visit for more details.

Thanks to Rexona for organising such an exciting games as me and my bloggers' friends really have all the fun that we needed to release our stress at work and stress at home. So, do drop by at Sunway Pyramid this weekend to join in the fun. Remember to get yourself the spray and the shampoo as RM5.00 KFC vouchers and headphone awaits you. What a great deal now. Try it, prove it and always feel confidence on yourself now with Rexona Spray for Women... 


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