Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Sports Day at Superkids

On 6th September 2014 was WT's first sports day. We had to reached there at 7.30 a.m. Daddy, Mommy, "Er Cher", CW and "Ta Ke", WH were there to cheer him up and to gave all our support to him. After a preliminary round about 3 weeks ago, WT was selected among the few to join the Sports Day event. All of us were so excited to it and now the day where all of us had been waiting for came.
Besides WT, CW and WH also from Superkids when they first open their branch at my area, Mommy registered them since the principal and the teachers there are very friendly. Superkids had its head office at Johor Bahru and branches everywhere include Singapore. Some of their English syllabus was from Singapore. Since Mommy believed that my little Angels will had the fun of learning there, I let them to play, learn and grow in Superkids as what their slogan is all about.

Mommy really sorry for missing your first game but Mommy are there to cheer you up for the 2nd and 3rd game. So, when he is going to start his 2nd game, mades me realise how times passed so fast and now my little Baby so big liau and at the age of 5, he can do everything that he want independently without Mommy by his side. Jia you, WT...

At the count of three, when the whistle was blow by the Principal, all the children who participated must run as fast as they could. Come on baby, lets try your best. WT had done his very best but only got 3rd place for this game as all his opponents can really run very fast with the gunny sack. Its ok, baby, as win or lose is just part of the game. As long as you already try your very best, in the eyes of Mommy, you already the winner of the game.

Then comes to the third and final game, WT partnered with his friend in running by don't how many metres, like those marathon run. Mommy imagine too much zhor. Ha ha ha... His friend start first and after that passing the baton to him. When WT turns came, WT run as fast as he could and he won the game. Yeah... 
WT got his first gold medal. Bravo, babe...
Photo taken with his Kindy, principal
Thanks to all  for having all the patience and care to teach
It might be just a short event but the event was properly organised and everyone who attend it had the fun of it. All children had try their very best to win the game and parents are there to cheer and support their loved ones. In my opinion, Sports Day should organise every year so that children not only should excel in academically but also through sports as physical exercise is good for mind, body and spirit. 
These activities can promote cooperative play, teamwork, and good sportsmanship while helping to refine gross motor skills. Sports can also help children get along with and become accepted by others, including peers, family members, teachers, and coaches. Plus, through positive feedback, group play builds self-esteem, helping your child realize that he's a capable person who is able to accomplish significant achievements. So, to my little Angel, WT, Mommy will always felt proud on you on whatever your achievements are. No matter big or small, Mommy will be there for you to support you so that you can achieve the highest level that you wanted to be...


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