Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1U BikeFest 2014

When I saw a banner at 1 Utama Shopping Centre about the kids' bike race at BikeFest 2014, it attract my attention as this race was for juniors in 3 categories i.e. 3 years and below, 4-5 years old and 6-7 years old but at the last minutes, they opened the Junior Pro category to include 8 years old also. That means, my eldest son, WH who had just celebrated his 8th birthday and my second son, WT who will be 5 at the end of this month could joined the race. So, I registered for them and brought 3 bikes there to see which one is the most suitable to use. 2 of them were three wheels bikes and another was a balance bike. After seeing the race track, balance bike will be the best option since they need to do a u-turn at the race track. For me, it is quite dangerous to do the u-turn especially when you drive fast at that area.
The champion for each category will walk-away with a Le-Run kids' bikes while 2nd and 3rd place will walk-away with saftety helmets that cost RM100+ together with the trophies. Sounds great right. Like all the parents, of course we hope our children will walk-away with a bike but there are too many junior competitors who had joined the race. So, I just wish my boys to try all their best and most important is to have fun...
Bikes, helmets and trophies for the winners
The race started with under 3 years old category racing in 3 laps and follow by 4-5 years old category. This time, they need to go till 5 laps at the track. WT used his balance bike to go as soon as he could and after the 3rd laps, he made a fall at the u-turn there. He injured himself at his right elbow but luckily he managed to stand up and continue with the race and end up got second price for the race. I really proud of him as once he fall, he did not cried at all even though his elbow was in pain and yet he still stand up to continue with the race to win the second prize. Bravo to my little boy.
Top 3 winners with their trophies and prizes
Since it had started to rain just after the second category, the third category had to wait for almost half an hour to continue with the race. The floor was wet and I'm worried about WH's safety also as the floor will be slippery and easy to fall. I just wish WH to try his best and be extra careful with the u-turn there. When the race started, WH zoom very fast to lead the race. After that few children fall from their bicycle. One fall at the u-turn and another three fall because of the race track too small and they bump with each other. I shouted to WH to become extra careful and cheer "jia you" so loud as he lead all the way to the finished line. Yeah... He won the game and became champion of the junior elite category. Congrats to WH...
WH with the 2nd and 3rd prize winners waiting to receive their prize presentation
It was a really exciting games as all the competitors prove them well and run to their very best in order to win the games. All the spectators also felt very excited to see who is the Junior that will crowned Champion on that day. Me as a Mom more excited and keep on shouting and cheering for my boys as they speed to their very best. 
WH with his trophy and his winning bike
Both my Little Angels really mades me proud as they not only won the games, they prove to me that they still can stand up after a fall without any cry and still could continue with the race to be in top 2. Hopefully during their growing up period, they'll be as tough like the race. Walking / Racing through their life to be among the best and with a fall, that will mades them stronger to continue it without any fears and to achieve their ambitions at the top of the World...  


  1. Congrats on winning!

    A blogger reward for you: http://cre8tonebabe.blogspot.com/2014/10/liebster-award.html

  2. Congrats WH and WT... you are awesome.... like Mummy

  3. good job, no doubt you kids mmg geng in sports :D hehe.. very sporty! :D

  4. Thanks to all the pretty Aunties here. My little Angels will work harder now. Cheers