Thursday, October 23, 2014

Ogilvy Bloggers Appreciation Day

When Nick from Ogilvy send me an invitation to Ogilvy Bloggers Appreciation Day, I should be the first who sign up for the event as from the name list during the event, my name is on top of the invited bloggers. Bravo to me for being so supportive to their event. Ha ha ha...

Beforehand, I were given few projects from Ogilvy which is the top PR not only in Malaysia but also in the World and all the projects are great projects from the reputable Companies in Malaysia and world wide recognition. My projects include Cabaran Teh Tarik, Flexi Work Life and Philips Lights Malaysia and from all these 3 projects, I were given a great token of appreciation for writing, review it and posting in my blog. It was a great opportunity and experience for me.
Thanks to 123 Cheese Photobooth for all the lovely photos
Since I reached there early on that day, I able to make use with the Photobooth and took lots of my funny post and I enjoyed it very much. After got my photo given, I need to take a selfie photo and post it to instagram with hash tags given to get a complimentary customise cup with my selected photo and I just love it.
We were treated with delicious food and the food that I like most is Scotch Egg. First time eating it as the Chef told me that it was actually made from quil egg, minced chicken meat, spinach, cheese, oats and onions. A delicious and yet healthy meal for all of us. 

After a meal, Shah given us a short speech and let us know some of the projects that were done by them with the helps of course from the bloggers to made every event a successful event and their Customers really satisfied with the results given. Congrats to Ogilvy PR.
Shah, Sherry, Nick, Big Boss, Aileena and all the PR
Some of the list of the events
After the short speech by Shah and his Big Boss, we started off with some games. The first game is to select 3 instructions from the tree and the first 5 who accomplish the mission, will win a prize. The first winner was Nannie Isa and she was so excited when she got the VVIP tickets to watch Mariah Carey concerts for 2 persons that she shouted happily. Congrats to her as she really enjoyed the show yesterday from her instagram post.
Nannie, Cik Lily, Sidney etc happily posting at the photobooth
The second game is to act and guest. I'm the first to act and I had to act like a Popeye. Popeye love to had his cigarette. So, my act is puffing from a cigarette and within 2 minutes, Nannie guests it right and because of that, both of us won a Samsung S5 casing.
Me and Nannie with our proud casing
The third and final game was divided into 2 groups of ladies bloggers. Each group have to answer the questions correctly and be fast as if not, one of the opponent will start pumping the balloon. Once the balloon burst, then the group will lose the game. I volunteer myself to pump the balloon as it is a good work-out for me and since I always pump balloons to my Little Angels, I'm quite expert to it. Ha ha ha...
See how efficient I am in pumping up the balloon. Ha ha ha...
My group which consist of Rane, Jessy, Ezna, Elana and another lady blogger managed to won the game and each of us go home with live show tickets for 2 persons. I got myself 2 VIP tickets to watch Disney Live this coming Sunday. My Little Angels really excited for that but only 1 can go with me. Still thinking who to bring with...
Our winning team with our prize letter
The event end up with presentation of certificate to all the bloggers that had attended the Ogilvy Bloggers Appreciation Day. What a surprise on how Ogilvy had gave us as bloggers, all the hospitality, good food, fun games with great prizes, goodie bag and now a certificate of appreciation presented by their Boss himself...
Selfie with the Boss 
My goodies
Tqvm to Ogilvy PR Boss, Shahzeeq, Nick, Sherry, Aileena and all others for preparing such a great event for all of us. Me and all my blogger friends had enjoyed it so much chit chatting, laughing, shouting, running here and there, jumping, pumping etc. I also given the opportunity to met with few famous blogger friends too and from this event, I able to meet them in person and introduce myself. Thanks also to all the sporting bloggers that mades the event so happening.
Group photo with all that present

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