Thursday, November 13, 2014

The Best Of Your Life Exhibition

The Best Of You Exhibition that held at the Curve recently had let lots of peoples to understand what is the Best of You so that they understand their own life and will cherish everything that they have it now...

"The Best Of You" is a social awareness movement that aims to inspire public to acknowledge and appreciate their achievement and what has made them who they are today - including you. Since the launch in July, they have received overwhelming support from the public in the form of many heart-warming, inspiring and empowering stories. THE BEST OF YOU LIFE EXHIBITION is a platform where they have collected spectrum from their public submissions and participating supportive organisations.
Sai Tzy Horng, the Brand Consultant of Perfect Food Manufacturing (Julies) and the man behind this whole movement had shared with all the bloggers present on the reason he had this showcase so that peoples will appreciate everything in their life after knowing everyone experience there.
With Sai Tzy Horng
For more information, do please check out their website here... or their facebook link here... so that you can find out what is the best of you...
With my primary school mate, Meera
So, all of you must wonder what I had learned from this exhibition. When the Emcee ask me what is the best of my life, I immediately answered him that I had 5 Little Angels that will always cheer my life up and made my life a very meaningful one. I tried my best to spend more times with them whenever I'm not at work as I want to be with them always in their growing-up period. To lead and guide them and hopefully, they'll achieve something in their life through ups and downs. For sure, Mommy will always be there for you. To my childhood friend, Meera, I'll always remember the times when 3 of us with a Malay friend had became best friends eventhough we have different religion but God join us into a group of friends that would share everything together. What a coincidence, as when I am cherish everything comes together, she is there to share with me. Nice meeting you there, Meera...


  1. Wow... how nice to be able to meet up with childhood friends huh... I always love that....

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