Monday, January 19, 2015

TYT Baby Massage

Massage will increase bond between a Mom and a baby. Being a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I love to learn massage so that I can practise the useful techniques on my 5 Little Angels. Not only adults need massage, babies, toddlers and children need it too. Given the opportunity to learn the massage techniques with TYT, a trusted brand for Mom and Baby. was a great experience to me...

Ms June Choo, Managing Director of Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd, grew up in a family where her parents always gave her massages since she was a baby, using the herbal medicated oil manufactured by their own company. When she grew up, she came to realise the importance of infant massage and the precious connection between parents and newborns and committed to learn more about how the power of touch and infant massage can strengthen this bond.
Ms June Choo, Managing Director of Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd

Ms June went to Australia to learn about the different types of infant massage from the professionals at the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). The founder of the association, Vimala McClure, gained valuable experience working in an orphanage in India in her youth, where she learnt about the art and practice of infant massage. Since then, she has been working hard to develop a systematic way of introducing infant massage. Now, she promotes infant massage to all parents, educating them on the ways to benefit from this practice. June, too, is spreading this knowledge in Malaysia, after going through the IAIM course in Australia and now she is here to teach me and my fellow blogger friends on the massage techniques...

Looks all those happy faces as all babies enjoying their massage session
Do you know that we need to inform our baby that they are going to receive a message so that they'll look forward to the massage session. Just a simple sentence like “Mummy will give you a massage now” will do. The swishing sound when you rub the TYT massage oil with both your palms can also act as a signal for the baby. Observe your baby’s gestures when they respond to your cues and this will help enhance your connection to your child and strengthen your parent-child relationship from a very young age.  Other than that, the choice of a suitable massage oil is also very important as it needs to be gentle and pleasing for your baby’s delicate skin and senses.

TYT’s Herbal Medicated Oil is a great choice for baby massage due to the various benefits derived from its herbal ingredients, and its user-friendliness. It has a soft and pleasing aroma, is not oily when fully absorbed into the skin and does not leave stains on clothing after washing.  It is ideal as a massage oil as it has no hot or burning sensation, and is thus gentle enough for baby's skin and also safe for all in the family. TYT’s Herbal Medicated Oil is carefully formulated and produced in their modern manufacturing facility with Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) certification from the Malaysian National Pharmaceutical Control Bureau under the Ministry of Health Malaysia, and is also certified halal by JAKIM. So, no matter what ethnics you are, TYT will be suitable for you and your babies...

Infant massage such as the tummy massage styles described above are very useful, helping babies who feel discomfort due to wind in their abdomen or have constipation problems, as well as improving and enhancing the bond between parents and their babies. Of course, infant massage doesn’t end with the abdominal area. Other than tummy massage, there is also chest massage that helps babies breathe better when they have colds and foot massage that help the baby feel more relaxed. Infant massage is indeed a helpful area of knowledge that is worth learning to benefit your baby as well as the family as a whole. Improving your personal and emotional contact with your baby may strengthen the foundation of a close parent-child relationship when they grow up. So, don’t forget to try it together with TYT’s Herbal Medicated Oil!

About TYT products
TYT products are manufactured by Hong Yang Hoo Pharma Sdn Bhd. Since 1957, TYT products have been used by generations of Malaysian families to stay healthy and happy. TYT’s effective medicinal and herbal products, legacies from the founder’s forefathers, are ideal for Malaysians who want quick and easy relief for their everyday ailments. Today a household name, TYT’s range of products comprises its famous TYT Herbal Medicated Oil, and the bath range of TYT Confinement Herbal Bath for new mothers, TYT Baby Herbal Bath and TYT Herbal Foot Bath. All products are guaranteed 100% herbal based and are certified halal by JAKIM.
For more information, please visit or email to or contact the hotline at 012-498 2989.

Thanks to Ms June from TYT for the massage techniques. Beforehand, I always used TYT massage oil as it is not hot and oily, Very suitable for my baby who had tender skin. My baby, WJ loves massage very much. Every night, I'll massage for him till he slept and he slept whole night long without waking up. Bye bye to constipations and winds as now he don't have that problem anymore. So, try to use TYT oil and you'll feel amaze to the results on it at your little ones... 
Me and my model baby with the TYT massage oil
My Little Angel, WJ enjoyed his massage session every night with TYT massage oil


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