Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Youth For Integrity for a Better Malaysia

When it comes to grooming our youths into future leaders of the World, there is one important quality that is often overlooked. Guest what it is ? Answer is Integrity. Skillsets and qualification were important too. 

This initiative aims to shine the spotlight on the values of integrity and help Malaysian youths gain a better understanding and appreciation for it. Aptly themed "Make It Right, Youth For Integrity ("YFI")'s strong message against corruption also hopes to encourage the youth to take on an active role in improving the level of integrity in our society.
YFI will be carried out in many stages. Phase 1, which encompasses initial outreach efforts, begins with the YFI Launch Conference. This event will serve as a platform to engage with young leaders and introduce the upcoming YFI programs which will be executed throughout 2015.

Senator Datuk Paul Low from the Prime Minister's Department presented as the keynote speaker. Then, two panel sessions on "Regulating good governance towards a better nation" and "Building up society & quality of life through integrity" take centre stage. allowing the student leaders present to immerse themselves in purposely discussions on the issue.
Senator Datuk Paul Low from the Prime Minister's Department 
Following the launch on 25 April 2015, YFI will proceed with an online campaign which is scheduled to carry on until August 2015. This will be executed via their web portal in three different ways i.e.
1. 10 Moments
To enlighten the youths on the perils of corruption, this web portal will highlight 10 common corrupt practices and illustrate how its consequences may affect our daily lives. This page serves to simplify the concept of corruption with interesting and fun animations so it is easy for just about anyone to understand.

2. Integrity Campaign T-Shirts
One way to get the youths actively involved with the YFI initiatives is by getting them to design their own campaign T-shirts with their personal pledge for integrity. youths can turn to this web portal to personalise up to 1,000 pieces of T-shirts. Once their designs are confirmed, each individual will receive their own custom-designed T-shirt at their doorstep.
3. Online Pledge
Another way of engaging with Malaysian youths through YFI is by encouraging them to make an online pledge as a call for support for YFI's message for integrity. The webpage layout will feature the number of pledges made by each state.
Besides that, YFI will also reach out to universities to get their student bodies to join in on the fun through the Clubs & Societies Integrity Pledge (CSIP) effort. Student leaders from various tertiary institutions will join the cause as Student Integrity Representatives (SIR). The team of SIR will gain opportunities to immerse themselves in intellectual discourses anout ethnics, governance, transparency and anti-corruption in hopes of teaching these leaders more about integrity.
Datuk Paul, VIP and all the youths present
YFI intends to work as a catalyst for change in how Malaysian view and approach the idea of integrity. YFI is an initiative in Partnership with Malaysia Airports Holdings Berhad (MAHB).

For more details, check out their Facebook page and their Website for all the updates.
Datuk Paul with Students from UNITEN
This platform will encourage youths to think big, start small and move fast in their efforts to shape the new generations of young adults. Empowering Youths is dedicated to steering youths towards personal growth to unlock their maximum potential, they also work on providing a conducive platform for discourse for youths to tackle common social issues as they unite to create a better Malaysia now and a better world tomorrow.

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