Wednesday, May 27, 2015

CitiCars Service Centre @ The Gardens, Mid Valley

I hate to send my car for service. Lots and lots of reason why I hate it and I'm sure no one will like it too. The reasons behind is because the car workshop is dirty, smelly, noisy and the most important is I just wasting my time there waiting and waiting for an hour or two or even three. Sigh... Wasting my bonding moment with my Little Angels and I can't bring them there for their own safety. Worst thing is car have to send for service every 5,000km or every 3 months whichever come first. I really had bad times sending my beloved car to the normal workshop till I came across CitiCars Automobile Service Centre at The Gardens, Mid Valley...
My beloved Toyota Advanza servicing at CitiCars Automobile
Introducing a new auto service centre in shopping malls, CitiCars Automobile Service Centre @ The Gardens Mall Midvalley where I can leave my car in safe hands for servicing at the car park while heading off to the Shopping Mall for shopping, dine, movie or simply spending quality times with my Little Angels in the Shopping Mall and conveniently drive home safely in my fully serviced and reliable vehicle.

Conceptualised by Michael Liu, Citicars Auto Servicing wants to be a one-stop “lifestyle vehicle servicing and repair outlet”. It intends to provide customers with convenient and affordable vehicle service. Regular car servicing and maintenance is a necessity but most people dread the experience. People don’t want to wait around and do nothing. We want to change that,” says Liu.

Citicars’s first outlet, located in Sunway Pyramid opened its doors in May last year. The company quickly expanded by opening a second outlet in Gardens Mall, Mid Valley City just two months later. The rapid expansion plan did not just stop there. They added two more outlets in Empire Subang and City Square Johor Baru, showing that Citicars means business. Another outlet has also been added in Paradigm Mall, Petaling Jaya. A Servicing and Repair Industry in all convenient locations.
Some customers might concern with the pricing issue but rest assure you that eventhough CitiCars located at shopping malls, the pricing there are on par with the competitors in normal locations as they want to grow as many outlets as possible.

CitiCars are working with automotive colleges to get the right people on board. It is the perfect platform for graduates in the field of automotive engineering and with the high tech equipments used, rest assure that your car will be effectively and efficiently be placed to them for service.

Upon arrival, I just drop my car at Citicars and ask for Montez Semi Package Value at RM198. The following items were done to my car :-
- Montez SR3 Semi Synthetic Engine Oil
- Original Oil Filter
- Anti-rust
- Air Filter Cleaning Service
- Windshield Washer Top-Up
- Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points Check
- Vehicle Diagnosis
- Citicars Service History Booklet
- Labour
Citicars Signature 26 Inspection Points Check
And I did my Tyre Service also at RM120 for Tyre Alignment, Tyre Balancing and Nitrogen Air to ensure the smooth driving of my car. For my readers who are interested to send their car to CitiCars for service or just to buy the tyre which on promotion. do remember to quote "illyblog001" so that when you purchase just one tyre or 1 service package, all of you'll get free tyre service worth RM120 which is the same that I had done to my car i.e. Tyre Alignment, Tyre Balancing and Nitrogen Air. Isn't it great ? So, remember to quote it so that you'll get extra goodies.
Tyre Alignment by professional
For more updates and to get more promotions, do visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK or visit their outlets as below:-

CITICARS @ Sunway Pyramid : Entry A or C, Level Basement 1, Pillar R14
CITICARS @ Gardens Mall : Zone B, Level P2, Pillar B60A
CITICARS @ Paradigm Mall : Entry A or B, Basement 1, Next to Pillar P13
CITICARS @ Empire Shopping Gallery : Entry A or B, Basement 2
CITICARS @ Johor Bahru City Square (Coming Soon )
CITICARS @ DPuzle Shopping Centre Cyberjaya (Coming Soon) 
Opening hours 10am to 8pm
(7 days a week including Public Holidays)

·    Or call them at +01126182498 and email to them at

After just 2 hours of shopping and dining experience at the Garden, Mid Valley, I just went to CitiCars to grab my car and go home happily. I can felt the different now as my car now moving smoothly and no more worries of car problem anymore as rest assured that Citicars mechanics had transformed my car to be a better car now. No more worries about car breakdown, battery problem, brake, steering, engine etc as CitiCars had checked my car properly with the 26 inspections. I am very happy with the service provided and the best thing is, I no need to waste my times anymore whenever I send my car for service. Yeah...


  1. I love the convenience of it just being steps from a shopping mall where we can actually be productive with our time rather than just waiting for our car to be attended to.

  2. Looks clean enough compared to outside one. Me either, always daddy and bf will bring the cars for service :P

  3. Sounds good.
    I can have my car serviced while meeting a client. Good comfort!

  4. Wow. The pricing really is reasonable. I don't even know there's such service center for cars in the garden area.

  5. i have tried citicars too :) the service at sunway pyramid outlet is pretty good.