Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Edutainment Workshop at EnerZ Extreme Park

I always love to explore all those edutainment workshop with my Little Angels so that they can play while learned something from it. The concept, Learning is Fun especially on weekend since they already stress themselves so much during weekdays. Through exploration, I always believe that it will helps my Little Angels to grow up being someone full of knowledge, respected and will become a good leader. So, here I am at EnerZ Extreme Park at Persiaran Subang with my Little Angels to explore the edutainment workshop for kids and adult. All thanks to EnerZ and Bro Framestone for organising a Family Blogger Day Out at EnerZ. Yeah...
Kids Edutainment for my Little Angels

Over 20 mothers which include me and our families in tow, gathered to celebrate Mother’s Day and International Family Day in an unconventional and highly energised setting. Rather than spending ‘family time’ over an expensive meal and gadgets, families which include mothers, fathers and children of all ages got to spend quality time with each other while participating in various exciting activities and fun workshops organised by EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park.
A newly build playground for our Little Ones

First Challenge : Slam Dunk Time Attack
“It’s a norm nowadays to see families sitting in restaurants without interacting with each other, focusing on their mobile phones or tablets instead. At EnerZ, we want to emphasise the importance of spending real, quality time and bonding with your family members by taking part in fun activities together. This is the main goal of today’s event,” said Alvin Tey, Managing Director, EnerZ Extreme Park.

My Little Angels getting ready to join the Children's Edutainment Workshop

Big space for the whole family to run around and enjoyed all the activities here
The morning kicked-off with a brief introduction and safety briefing, after which the EnerZ coaches demonstrated basic moves on the Trampolines and all of us to follow suit.  Learned few tips on playing on Trampolines. Plenty of laughs ensued as all of us as we tried our best to imitate the moves and stunts demonstrated by the coaches, with little success but at least all of us had tried. Yeah...
Learning some of the moves at the Trampolines

Sign up now if you want to learn more of the fun techniques
After that children were ushered to workshop sessions which featured EnerZ Signature Edutainment Programe. My Little Angels learned the role of a leader i.e. to took good care of their peoples under them. To cheer for everyone no matter win or lose and to solve the obstacle of their life through all the activities especially cater for the children. Kids' activities video here
WH enjoyed the kids session and play all the activities cater on that day to train him to become a good leader
A friendly trainer that motivates our little ones to try harder and solve all the obstacle in life
Other activities centred on the Gut-builder, Skyropes and Trampoline areas, much to the delight of those present. These activities not only got all of us warmed-up but also encouraged us to interact and bond with their family members and getting to know new blogger friends. Check out the video of the activities on that day. Video 1 and Dodge ball video here. We really had so much fun :)
WH enjoyed his Skyropes activities that train him to work hard to reach the sky
WH climb to the highest of Gut-Builder without any fear. He accept all the challenges to reach to the top. Good job, babe
“EnerZ is more than just about fun; we are a place you can come with your whole family and be assured that there is something for everyone to do. Our activities are not only designed to give visitors plenty of thrills and excitement, but also aim to challenge their abilities. This is a great way for parents and children to spend quality time and bond with each other,” added Alvin.
Bloggers having great time with their families during lunch time at the children's party room
Party room where all the delicious food was served
Spread over 80,000 square feet of space, the EnerZ Extreme Park is Asia’s first indoor extreme park and sports arena. It features a plethora of activities and facilities for all ages, catered for those who are young, young at heart and have the energy to burn. Among their highlights include trampolines, sky ropes, dodge ball, foam pits, badminton courts, martial arts and fitness classes.
CW manage to carry on to the top eventhough she is afraid of the height at first. Practise mades perfect. Yeah...
All of us took part in a highly spirited game of Dodgeball, each trying their best to outdo the other families and take home the grand prize. Eventhough I didn't win the game, nevertheless, me and my Little Angels had so much fun here and sweat a lot. Really a great exercise for all of us...
Congrats to all the winners for the challengse and group photo taken with all the bloggers with their family
Bro Framestone and the big winner of the day took home a Ipad Mini. Congrats...
New rates at the EnerZ Extreme Park
Good news to all of you here as EnerZ is having a great promotions now where you can jump more but pay less. The best part is the vouchers are transferable. So, you can purchase the vouchers together with your family and friends and enjoyed all the activities together...

For more information on EnerZ Indoor Extreme Park, including details of their facilities, activities and services, kindly visit
Me, my Little Angels and my niece, Kimi
It was indeed a great family outing for me and my Little Angels. We had accepted all the challenges with great fun and work as a team. We sweat a lot and really really felt exhausted but at the end of the day, we had learned something new at EnerZ Extreme Park. No matter how hard you had try in your life and no matter how many obstacles that you need to face it everyday, you must find the way out of it and solve it immediately. Never give up and always ready to accept the challenge in your life and this will made your life meaningful and be grateful for everything that you had. Come now with your family and friends to EnerZ Extreme Park and I'm sure all of you'll had so much fun playing together as a team. Do check out my previous post here..
Thanks for the fun that we had on that day and the premium gift to us :)

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