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New Zealand Food Connection Chef Challenge - Lemon Butter Mussels

I always love to accept challenges to see how far I can go. This round my challenge is to cook a dish using New Zealand fresh food as the ingredients. Wow... A bit tough to accomplish it but I'll try my best to complete the challenge by introducing a great dish to share with all my readers here. Let me introduce you to the Dietitian to Master Chef, Nadia Lim and the ingredients that she use from New Zealand to cook her dishes at Food Connection first...
Nadia Lim, Dietitian to Master Chef who cook only good food
Nadia graduated with a BSc in Nutrition and Post graduate Diploma in Dietetics after learning the science of how nutrients affect our health. Nadia has a special bond with food; something that every Malaysian can relate to. She believes that the key to eating well is enjoying your food. Hence, as a nutritionist and dietician, she enjoys creating recipes that are healthy and delicious. Inspired by Jamie Oliver, she discovered her flair for cooking at the age of 12 and decided that one day, she would write a cookbook and star in a cooking show. Her dreams did materialise by what began as a mere chance to audition at MasterChef and later on, she was announced the winner of MasterChef New Zealand. 
On a whim I entered Master Chef New Zealand and cooked my way to the top, winning the title. It was one of the most challenging things I’ve ever done, but I learnt I can cope well under pressure and that I can actually cook! 
Nadia was here at Food Connection to show off her cooking skill. Food Connection is one of a series of events being held this year in KL and around the region to celebrate the 40th anniversary of New Zealand’s relationship with ASEAN. New Zealand's trading relationship with the region is underpinned by a number of Free Trade Agreement (FTA), with ASEAN itself and a number of individual member states, including Malaysia.
Matt Richie, Trade Commissioner
ASEAN as a block is New Zealand’s fourth largest trading partner with a combined value of $13.5 billion. In the past five years, New Zealand’s trade with ASEAN has grown at a greater rate than with any other of their major trading partners except China. Their clean environment and world-leading food safety regime means that their produce is safe to consume. New Zealand is also recognised by the World Organisation for Animal Health as an ‘animal disease-free’ exporter. They have a total of 17 exhibitors at the Food Connection today; 12 food & beverage, and 4 wineries. 
Nadia at the Food Connection to show off her cooking skills
Now is my time to show off my cooking skills using the Talley's Greenlipped mussels from New Zealand as my main dish. The name of my dish will be Lemon Butter Mussels. The ingredients that we need as follows :-
1. Talley's Greenlipped mussels - 800 gram
2. Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter - 300 gram
3. Tatua's whipping cream - 150ml
4. Curry Leave - 10 gram
5. Juice from Lemon - 2 slices
6. Chilies - 10 gram
7. Chopped Garlic - 1 chopped
8. Salt - 1 pinch
9. Ground pepper - 1 pinch
9. Rockitapples for decorations
My ingredients which include the Talley's Greenlipped mussels and Anchor Pure New Zealand butter
Step 1. Begin by preparing the sauce. Start by juicing the lemons and then Crush all that garlic. 
Step 2. In a sauce pan, melt Anchor Pure New Zealand Butter over low heat.   
Step 3.  As the butter melts, add the crushed garlic.
Step 4. Stir and cook for a few minutes to slowly incorporate that curry leaves and chilies taste into the butter or butter compound.
Step 5. Add the Tatua's whipping cream and stir until well incorporated.
Lemon Butter Sauce
Step 6. If the sauce is too thick, just add milk to adjust to the desired consistency (optional). So if there’s no need to add it, then please don’t.
Step 7. Lastly, add the lemon juice. Add a couple of tablespoons first then taste it til you get the desired taste. Just remember, it’s important to add a little bit at a time. 
Step 8. Add a pinch of salt and ground black pepper.
Step 9 : Put the Talley's Greenlipped mussels at the pan and stir fried it for 2 minutes
Step 10 : After that, place them in an aluminium foil and bake it for a 5 minutes

Step 12 : The Lemon Butter Talley's Greenlipped mussels were ready to be served. Put few slices of Rockitapples and lemons for decorations and the servings approximately for 4-6 persons generously. Cooking time around 15 minutes.
Lemon Butter Talley's Greenlipped mussels
So, did you like my cooking style ? My Little Angels love it so much as the Talley's Greenlipped mussels really fresh and juicy. The taste was fantastic and creamy. It was successful in my first attempt to cook Lemon Butter Talley's Greenlipped mussels and I really happy to see the faces of my Little Angels who enjoyed every moment eating the fresh mussels using the best ingredients from New Zealand. So, do try on the recipes that I provided here and I'm sure your little ones will love the taste too. Yummy yummy yummy...
Me and my creation of Butter Milk Talley's Greenlipped mussels

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