Friday, August 28, 2015

C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar (After I Consume)

As per my previous post HERE, I had took the initiative to try out the C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar and here I am reporting my effect after I Consume the Collagen for two weeks. I ate 2 tubes of the jelly bar daily. 1 bar in the morning before I had my breakfast and another bar at night before I slept. It taste like jelly and I really love the taste.

C Jello is a collagen jelly bar for youthful and radiant skin. It had no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives. It is gluten, diary and egg free. Collagen is a protein that is the principal constituent of fibrous connective tissues, found in skin, bones and cartilage. In nature, it is found exclusively in animals, representing 30% of animal protein matter. Collagen ensures the cohesion, elasticity and regeneration of the skin, bone and cartilage. These are various types of collagen that are found in specific places in the body.

C-Jello is the first ever collagen jelly bar exclusively created in Korea and it was produced to deliver the most effective absorption and with ease of use in mind. Each C-Jell is 20g and contains 2500 mg of Hydrolysed Collagen Peptide and essential nutrients. 

The active ingredients of C-Jellow collagen jelly bar are with German Fish Collagen which is a wonderful ingredient to combat signs of aging to maintain a healthy skin, Artichoke Extract, a powerful anti-ageing and antioxidants, Mulbery Extract for skin whitening, Vitamin C for Melanin formation, immune system and prevention of diseases, Rich Bran for soothes and prevents skin inflammation and skin whitening effect, Hyaluronic Acid Mixture for effectively moisturising and firming agent, Pear Concentrate for fibre and improves overal health condition and Peach Concentrate for skin tissues regeneration, reduce fine lines and prevents premature ageing.

After my 14 days of consumption, I felt really great as I can see the result immediately. It had delayed my aging process caused by UV rays, harmful free radicals, stress and pollutions. I can feel that my skin had firm, elastic and smooth that mades me looks younger. The fine lines and wrinkles had reduced. The dark spot had become brighter and my skin had a fairer tone. Overall, it had improve my skin and health too. I love the results with C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar. Yeah...

So, if you want to looks prettier and younger now with better health improvement, then C-Jello Collagen Jelly Bar will be your choice to consume it now. When you purchase the C-Jello collagen bar above RM100, just mention #SSJaneChua and you'll be automatically getting a free set of SkinSoul SkinShield set as follows worth RM100 for free. 

For more details, do visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK for more details and updates.


  1. wow so yummy, delicious jelly. I also like to eat.

  2. I love this collagen jelly... I swear by it... best tasting collagen ever!!!!

  3. I tried this before. Not top bad la the taste. But personally still prefer collagen drinks.

  4. awesome, i love the cjello product too, i wish i can get more so my skin can improve better.