Friday, August 28, 2015

Star Light Kids, a Space-themed Indoor Playground at Avenue K

As a Mom to my 5 Little Angels, I always try to find some activities that me and my Little Angels could enjoyed together so that they'll not stay at the home watching television and playing Ipad the whole day. Outdoor or Indoor activities are some exercise that are good for their mind so that they can think creatively when they grow up.

So, when my friend told me that Star Light Kids, the newest and the largest space-themed indoor playground will be launched soon, me and Little Angels really eager to explore the place. A new place for my Little Angels to play with together. So, here I am with my 5 Little Angels to cover and review the place. Yeah...

Star LIght Kids was launch last Saturday on 22nd August 2015. Located at Avenue K, the heart of Kuala Lumpur, it is covering approximately 5,500 square feet. Star Light Kids was founded by three sisters, Shaz Lydia, Shaz Elaine and Shaz Elyza, who shared a goal of providing a safe and fun environment for children to play, learn, socialise and exercise indoor. It also promote family bonding through providing an environment where children and their guardians can let our imaginations run wild. Yeah...

The Three Wonder Woman, the founder of Star Light Kids

Members of the press, parenting bloggers which include me and well-known societal figures attended the event which include Sasha Saidin, Jovian Mandagie and his wife, Nina Sabrina Ismail attended the event with their children to explore the indoor space adventure. Awesome arrangements as Mommy Jane not only there to cover the event, my Little Angels able to play too...
The moment that all of us had been waiting for, the official launch of the Star Light Kids. Yeah...

Star Light Kids is the largest home-grown indoor playground facility, stressing the importance of hygiene and safety for children. This is achieved through conducting a temperature check on all children before entry, sanitizing procedures for all adults and children and socks are compulsory to wear at all times. They also ensure all their first-aid certified staff are always on hand. 

Space theme photos made you really feel that you're at Space now
Children to climb through to another side of the space ship
Good news to all parents like me as sometimes I also feel doubt on the cleanliness and the hygiene of indoor playground but Star Light Kids had ensure me that strict standard was imposed so that children will play safely. After me and my Little Angels had been given green light to enter. let me bring you the tour of the great place...
Green light to enter. Yeah...
A long tunnel to climb through

Different colours for staircase mades the place colourful that attracts everyone that see it
My Little Angels love to play hide and seek here as too many secret place to explore with. Ha ha ha...
Mommy Kolin enjoyed shooting the soft small ball with her daughter. Bonding time
My 2 Little Angels enjoyed the slide together
Lots and Lots of Balls with matching colour to play with
Small playground for baby and toddler and plenty of seats for parents
WJ trying to climb up the slide

Playground services are provided at Star Light Kids. Parents can accompany their children or you can 'Drop & Shop' where you can drop your children there and the taker there will help you to look after them while you go for shopping. A great facilities provided so that Mommy can enjoy our shopping while our children enjoy their playing. Win win situation. Ha ha ha...

Star Light Kids had a dedicated cafe for nutritious refuelling. Yummy yummy yummy... A free locker service also provided to keep your valuable items.
Small little cafe with light food to energise the children
Lovely cup cakes with animals concept
For those planning for a birthday party, Star Light Kids offers personalised party packages. They will also launch after school classes for children, classes for parents and parenting forums in September 2015. Their list of classes and services will continue to expand over the coming months which includes Zumba and Yoga classes for parents, Urban Gardening classes for children and parents, Baby and Parent Yoga and children dance classes. Wow... Really can't wait to explore all those classes at the playground itself.
A very nice space theme party for the birthday celebration here
Star Light Kids is located at L3-14A, Level 3, Avenue K, Jalan Ampang, 50450 Kuala Lumpur and is open for the public from 10am til 8pm daily. For more information, please call 03-21818687 or visit their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK for the latest and exciting news. Yeah...

Thanks to Star Light Kids for the awesome indoor playground that was creatively design so that the children will enjoy more. My Little Angels enjoyed themselves so much and thanks for the beautiful t-shirt of Star Light Kids and the yummylicious lunch. We'll definitely come back again to enjoy all the activities that will never left us bored. So, come and visit Star Light Kids now to explore it yourself and I'm sure your little ones will love it too. Yeah... 


  1. Too bad I miss this event.. Looks so fun for the kids...

  2. wow nice playground, hehe.. same day so ngam kids field trip. So cant make it.

  3. looks interesting perhaps i should bring my little girl enjoy next round

  4. It is indeed a lovely place with lots of interesting activities.. Cannot wait to check out the yoga class and other activity classes they said will be on...

  5. It is indeed a lovely place with lots of interesting activities.. Cannot wait to check out the yoga class and other activity classes they said will be on...

  6. Lovely place for the kids no matter young or old. :)

  7. Awesome place, I believe it's every kid's dreamland there with so many things to play with :)

  8. Looks like a real fun place. I like the cupcakes. Looks really cute!

  9. great place for the kids. Kinda sad I couldnt make it that day.

  10. It's a really nice playground, always love a new place that our kids can use up their energy in when indoors in malls

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