Saturday, August 29, 2015

Jump Smash Survivor Tournament

I was invited to attend a tournament at Sunway Pyramid called as Jump Smash which was launched by Mediasoft Entertainment as they are looking for the survival to win prizes worth more than RM100,000.00. Wow...

The contest was held from 28th August 2015 till 31st August 2015 where fun games, fantastic prizes and lucky draw every 2 hours awaits all of you. Yeah....
5 lucky draws daily at 12.30pm, 2.30pm, 4.30pm, 6.30pm and 8.30pm to win prizes worth RM5,000. Wow...
WT holding the lucky draw prices i.e. the cap and the backpack
1st, 2nd, 3rd and consolation prizes with cash, hampers and medals awaits all the winners
Two players needed to play a Jump Smash game and you're one of them in the screen. Imagine that you're in the badminton court.

Lets see how the games work. My Little Angel, WT will be guiding you. Ha ha ha...
Just use your finger tips to swipe and beat the shuttle cocks to start the game. 

Use your finger tips to swipe and return the beat of the shuttle cocks from your opposite opponent
Concentration was required to win the game
Try to play it till you're expert enough win it as lots of prizes awaits you...
Oops. Lose zhor
After several attempts, at last WT won it. Yeah...
Bonding time with WT where Mommy Jane also can't helps but to play with him. Ha ha ha...
Shoppers also enjoying the games with their children. Truly a game that whole family could enjoy together.

Shoppers were entertained by DJ Vandall too.
The event venue
With DJ Vandall live at Sunway Pyramid

Jump Smash is part of the sensation that took the badminton world by storm. The World's No. 1 Badminton Game rockets to the top of the charts with unique gameplay, fantastic graphics and a whole host of game modes to play with your friends. There are single or multiplayer mode to see who will become the world's badminton champion. Yeah...
Limited Edition T-Shirt at only RM99
Li-Ning New String
Jump Smash 15 is the latest in the popular badminton sports franchise that culminating in a high action state-of-the-art gameplay, stunning original anime graphics and a variety of modes to play. It is this year's biggest badminton mobile game.
Rhythm Nation to performed live at Sunway Pyramid. Catch them now...
Join the Snap and Win contest. Most likes win.
Check out the times schedule so that all of you can pre-planned your trip to Sunway.

The times schedule for the tournament 
The last day on 31st August 2015

Mediasoft had organised a new arena of competitive gaming with Jump Smash. The E-Tournaments will cross the region with the aim of bringing gaming to life in a real-time competition against the players and badminton fans from al over the world !
2 pretty ladies drawing for the lucky draw tickets. Just register yourself at a slip provided and be there when your names are being called out or else the prize will be given away to another lucky winner who are present at that time
Follow them to get updates and promotions
Tqvm to all the Sponsors

For more information and details, please log on to their WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.
All the contestants at the qualifying rounds
Their marks at the board
So, if you want to win some prizes and trying your luck here, then head on to the Survivor E-Tournament at Sunway Pyramid from till 31st August 2015 to experience yourself the Jump Smash 15 and who knows that you might walk-away as the winner at the end of the day. Good luck to all my readers here. Yeah...
Congrats to all the winners
Jump Smash was indeed an easy to play badminton game. Just swipe with your finger tips only anywhere and anytime that you want. Kids could learn while playing too as each step needs some tactics to win the game. Practise made perfect. One day, your kids might be an expert or international player like Dato' Lee Chong Wei that mades all Malaysians proud of.


  1. Wow! An amazing event with lots of activities for your bonding time with your little ones
    : ) Cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

  2. looks like your son is really good at the game, surely this will inspire him to play badminton and become the next lee chong wei maybe

  3. An e-tournament sound cools. But, bring your son to the real life sport. I guess he will love it.

  4. Ah I missed the event. It looked fun, let's have fun together next time. :)

  5. i missed the event.. and your son did a great job!