Monday, August 31, 2015

Kids Public Speaking Expo 2015

Everytime I am with my Little Angels alone, they'll shared with me non-stop on what had happened to their school and friends but when they're in the public, they'll just keep quiet and shy away. I always wanted to build their confidence but I really don't know how to start with it till I came across of Kids Public Speaking Expo which had been held recently on 22 August 2015 (Saturday) at WIM (Women's Institute of Management) at Taman Tun Dr Ismail . 

Here I am with my Little Angels to discover what actually Kids Public Speaking had offered to all the kids. According to Cherry, Co-Founder of Johan Speaking Academy, "This maiden event organised by Johan Speaking Academy gives an opportunity for kids to practice their speaking skills. Kids ranging from six (6) to twelve (12) years old will become the speaker, emcee and also brand ambassadors."
Speaker for the day who talked with confidence without any fear
Two Emcees who had done well organised the Expo
2 cute children trying to sell their nasi lemak away 
3 boys approached all of the parents and kids trying to sell off their Oreo and Pop Corn
Johan Speaking Academy has been training kids to undergo public skills for the past 1 year and this expo is a platform for 50 kids to practice out what they had learn.
Bravo to all the kids for speaking to public without fear and with confident
Parents and Outsiders are there to support each and every kid
2 Cute little boy selling Curry Puff at RM1 each
This is a REAL training ground for the kids to face a LIVE audience. Johan Speaking Academy are grooming the kids to be the future leaders. Great Leaders are Great Communicators and these kids are starting their baby steps.
Kids were taught on how to sell their items
Even Fannie was there with his son to do the face and body art and selling some of the recycle items and toys there
Let me explained to all of you the benefits of Public Speaking Skills that I had learned on that day :-
1. Builds self confidence
2. Builds self esteem
3. Improves verbal communication skills
4. Increases vocabulary
5. Improves information procession
6. Helps children organise their thoughts
7. Promotes interpersonal skills
8. Increases comprehension
9. Gives child a sense of empowerment
10. Diction/Pronunciation/Articulation
A teacher was there to guide the speakers
Kids trying on with the Jewellery Making Workshop
WH paid RM5 for 2 nasi lemak bought
Johan Speaking Academy had few classes to be offered. For weekly, 12 lessons @ 2 hours per lesson for kids aged 7-12 years old. You can opt for 1 1/2 days Kids Public Speaking Workshop where the maximum children per class limited to 10 pax only. All classes will be held at Taman Tun Dr Ismail.
Vote for the Speakers on that day
Put your votes at the box for your favourite speakers
Trophies to the Outstanding Speakers
Thank you notes 
For more information and details, do check out their WEBSITE and follow them at their FACEBOOK
My cute and adorable 3 Little Angels that followed me to review the event
Thanks to Johan Speaking Academy for the invitation to cover the event. My Little Angels asked me after the event, how the kids could performed so well speaking in public without any fear and selling the items away without any adults by their side and some as young as 6 years old only. My answer to them is, till all of you join the Kids Public Speaking classes, I believe all of you could perform like them too...


  1. hehe your kids so cute, good for kids to public speak when young. good activities for them to learn. :D

    1. Tks Sherry. Really a good activities to train them to become a good leader

  2. kids nowadays need to know nearly everything and including public speaking too...they will surely be successful when they are grown up

    1. Agreed with you, Leona. Kids Public Speaking indeed a good training for them when they're young

  3. Nice... I wish my daughter can try this too.. It looks like lots of fun
    On behalf of Anne Syafiqa..... Sighhh

    1. Miera, you can called them up to check the course that they had provided and the cost of it. Hope Anne able to gain something there too.

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  5. It's good to build up kids' confident. I wish to send my girl to such classes too.

    1. Rane, its good to start training your girls when they are small so that they'll have more confident in their growing up period

  6. Good to see children can speak publicly like that. A very good event. :)

    1. Ellie, really a very organised event by the children with the guidance from their teacher. Its good to send your son there and trained him to speak out