Thursday, August 20, 2015

Metropark Bazaar, Biggest Bazaar at Subang Jaya

Last Saturday, me and my Little Angels went to Metropark Bazaar which is the biggest bazaar at Subang Jaya to see what are they offering there as there is a big advertisement on the bazaar and it sounds interesting too. 
My starting point to the Bazaar...

Expect an array of food, drinks and vegetables to indulge with...
Small and yet refreshing pineapples
Like them HERE to get more information on where you can get the delicious and refreshing bean curd
Home made hotdogs freshly served. They had stalls at Plaza Mont' Kiara Pasar Malam too. Love the taste of it
Italian style yummy ice cream. My little angel love the chocolate taste. Click HERE to get them 
Chocolates lovers, you should try their chocolate brownies
Fresh vegetables, kaya ball and apam balik were sold here
Crunchy Curry Puffs
My Little Angels love the green tea here. Check out their FACEBOOK page for more information
Beauty products, bags and accessories were there for you to choose from...
Facial products with the cute sheep
Variety of Elegant bags
PR showed us the beautiful cloth that you can get it here
Accessories at a bargain price
My Little Angels enjoyed playing at the bubbles here too...

There are also art and craft activities free for kids and after you had done, you can decorate them there to made the place beautiful. 
My Little Angels making trees
Nicely done by the kids
Once decorated, all kids will get this for free. To do your craft at home. Yeah...
I'm done touring the bazaar. Yeah...
There were also some buggy cars that drove us around to see the development of the Tropicana Metropark. The place was really nice...

So, come to the Metropark Bazaar now on every 2nd of the month and the next bazaar date will be on 19th September. Book your date now to get all the delicious and yummy food. For more information and updates, do check out their Facebook page HERE.

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