Friday, September 4, 2015

Bon Odori Japanese Food & Culture Fair 2015

Fancy for the food from Japan ? Me and my Little Angels love the seaweed, green tea, biscuits, instant noodles and lots more. So, if you're also the fan of Japanese food, then hop on to New Wing Oval concourse of One Utama Shopping Centre where you can enjoy different aspects of Japanese culture, along with over 1,000 items of food products. Wow...

Cold Storage, the supermarket renowned for high quality food, has brought the much-celebrated Bon Odori cultural dance and festival food fare from Japan.
The 5-day event will be held till this weekend. Angus Gore-Andrews, General Manager of Cold Storage Supermarkets said "Cold Storage reputation is the result of many decades of serving the global community's needs for not just fresh food but also imported grocery and food products from home, wherever that maybe."
Angus Gore-Andrews, General Manager of Cold Storage Supermarkets
"Each community celebrates our own festivals that come with special food and cultural practices. Over the years, we have included in our calendar numerous cultural activities and festivals to celebrate the diversity of our customers. The Cold Storage Japanese Food Fair, in conjunction with the Obon or Bon festival is yet another of them," he added.
Launching Ceremony of Bon Odori Japanese Food Fair at 1U

Bon Odori festival, traditionally held in Japan to honour ancestors had been celebrated for more than 500 years. It is a carnival-like celebration that lasts for three days celebrated between July and September within different regions of Japan.

From traditional to modern, dancing, singing and costume dressing as well as variety of popular games from Japan for the whole family.

Salad sampling
At the food fair, expect variety of imported Japanese food products and confectionary which include rice crackers, green tea, candy and gummy. Cooking ingredients such as seaweed, miso and other condiments were sold there too. Special items been brought in from Hokkaido and Shizuoka and many more limited edition products.
Variety of sake available
Super Deal for all the items
Nissin Noodles for sampling
For Chocolate lovers
For more information or updates, do log on to Cold Storage's WEBSITE and FACEBOOK.
Activities to win some prizes and Japanese dance show
Group photo taken with all the VIPs and the dancers
Bon Odori Japanese Food & Culture Fair is a fair not to be missed to get great deals and variety of Japanese food. Come to 1U New Wing LG Concourse area now and experience the Japanese culture and food and grab the good deals too. Yeah...


  1. Too bad it's over now. Hope I manage to join their next activity.

  2. Oh last time bon odori used to be so hot and packed at the stadium...i m glad that this round the food fair is held indoors with lots of sampling hahaha. Yummy!

  3. I went 'borong' the ramen. WTH! so damn good weiiii!!!! repeat bought it again the other day.

  4. I like their pretty Yukata. Wish I have one to wear at Bon Odor I events every year...but so expensive.

  5. I manage get a good deal on that day.

  6. yeah.. i had visit their bon odori food fair.. buying some stuff too.

  7. I was there too! Those kids in costumes are so cute, wanted to bring them home XD

  8. Awww I misses it! *SOBS* Always love those Japanese food and the culture.

  9. Wow that looks cool and fun! Wish i could have been there to experience it.

  10. I used to join the bon odori festival when i was in school last time and yes, we were all wearing Yukata!

  11. wow.. looks like is a having a great event and deal :)

  12. it was a fun event... I absolutely loved the hokkaido ramen I bought there...

  13. It was such a cute event as I like Japanese food and event also! hehe

  14. Japanese for the win! I love Japanese themed anything. I think that they put so much effort into trying to make things interesting and innovative for everyone. Awesome write up and keep it up! :)