Wednesday, September 9, 2015

Holiday at Wave Rest House & Cafe, Jeram Organised by TEDMI (Day 1)

For the reward of downloading the TEDMI App and searching for useful information daily, me and my Little Angels were rewarded with the ticket to the Holiday Package at Wave Rest House & Cafe located at Jeram organised by TEDMI. Not only me, three of my Little Angels were as excited as me for the trip as all the itinerary were well-planned here and we gonna enjoy ourselves so much. 

Once we reach there, TEDMI maskot was there to welcomed us. We proceed to the receptionist where we had scan our ticket through the App and redeem our holiday package. As easy as ABC.
Me and Ellie wearing TEDMI shirts and act like the cute mascot
Me and my Little Angels were given tailored made t-shirt with TEDMI mascot to change with and we really love the design as it was specially done by TEDMI staff themselves. 
Receptionist area at the 2-Storey Cabin where we check-in to our room
Our room was located at the upstair of the 2-Storey Cabin. All rooms were labelled with TEDMI characters instead of room no. The Characters were so cute and adorable. The cabin that we stayed was comfortable with air-cond and a detached bathroom. The bed was big enough for 3 persons to sleep comfortable. To let peoples to enjoy the beauty of the nature, the boss of the Rest House decided not to install any TV there. 

My Room Character, Ron
The Corridor to my room

My big and comfortable bed
A detached bathroom at each cabin for the convenient of all the visitors
Some rooms comes with a balcony so that you can have a nice view when you just want to relax yourself
After we changed our t-shirts, we proceed to the Cafe which located just next to the cabin that we stayed. 
No need to afraid of the rain as it all covered from the cabin to the cafe
The founder of TEDMI, Andrew Lim self-introduced and welcome all of us on board. He congrats all of us for winning the holiday package which was sponsored by WAVE REST HOUSE & CAFE. All the guests also proceed to warm up ourselves by introduce to each other. Its good to meet up with more new friends here.
Andrew Lim, Founder of TEDMI
Andrew then proceed to gave all of us include the kids bloggers, a goodie bag each. Each goodie bag consists of selfie stick sponsored by Intax Paradise, keychains, vouchers and a golden ticket to scan to redeem for our free hair cut by Spectrum Hair Studio, free facial treatment by Melissa Chens and Pevonia Malaysia and free hair colouring treatment by La' Mode Coiffure. Wow... What a nice gift that we had. Tqvm TEDMI for prepared such a great gift to all of us. Yeah...
WH happily received his goodie bag from Andrew.
Great to know that more and more peoples recognised kids as bloggers
When we're ready to go out for our Mangrove Forest Tour, it started to rain heavily and to avoid any of us got sick, Steve, the boss of Wave Rest House & Cafe suggested that we do our wind chime instead using shells that he had collected previously. Awesome arrangement.
Everyone choosing their shells for their wind chime
All the shells that we had choosed must arrange according to their size so that it'll be balanced
My Little Angel, WT had done with his wind chime. This is his first time doing it and he had learned it well
After we had done with our wind chime, the rain did not stop. So, instead of wasting our times there waiting, Andrew suggested to all of us just go out to the rain and have all the fun at the Mangrove Forest Tour. At first, I was a bit worried as I never let my children out to the rain as afraid that they'll get sick but after a second thought, its all about adventure and I should let them out to explore. Yeah...
Clement, GM of TEDMI (Stand in front of CW) became our group leader
All of us wearing the boot and put in plastic glove at our hand before we had a group photo taken
Going in the Mangrove Forest
Brought CW and WH with me as both of them love the adventurous part. WT had to leave behind as he just recovered from his sickness the day before. Thanks to Jessie from TEDMI who volunteered herself to take good care of WT while Mommy Jane could enjoyed the tour. 
In the Mangrove Forest. Photo credit to Ellie Toh. A bit blur as still raining when we went in for the tour
TEDMI team had all the fun by showering and splashing water to each other after the tour as all of us were wet after the rain and to avoid getting sick, we need to take bath asap once we reached the Rest House. 
It was indeed an adventurous for all of us. Our whole body was wet from top to toe as we walk through the rain to the muddy place. I can see a team work as everyone offered their lending hand so that none of us will fall to the mud. We walked through the stone and the tree branches to avoid falling down to find our shells as all of us had to find 6 different type of shells to win the game. We even had to sing a song together just to get the shell that we don't have in a group. Shouting, singing, cheering and laughing from us were the only voices can be heard at the mangrove forest and I really missed that moment of togetherness.

After our bath, we proceed to the Restaurant just next to the Rest House for our seafood dinner. The Restaurant was facing the river view. Fishing boats and some crabs can be seen here. 

All the dining tables were made from wood that made us feel like dining at the countryside
A must to have fresh crabs with tomatoes sauce. 
Fresh prawns were sweet and fresh
Delicious La La, juicy vegetables. omelette, fried bun to eat with crab sauce and a seafood soup 
The food was really fresh as all the seafood here were just fish out by the local fishermen. Me and my Little Angels enjoyed our dinner very much. Their favourite dish was the crab and Mommy Jane had to spend most of the dinner time peeling crab for them. Nevertheless, seeing their happy face enjoying each and every of the meal, mades everything worth it.
Simple and yet delicious seafood meal to all of us
Nice view at the restaurant serving with delicious seafood
After our dinner time, we just lepak at the restaurant for a chit chatting session and mingling around while hearing some soft musics. It was indeed a relax times for all of us. Out from the busy town and our busy lifestyle. Ha ha ha...

At 9.30pm, we had a TEDMI workshop where the Founder of TEDMI, Andrew Lim shared with us the vision and the mission of TEDMI. If all of you wanted to know actually what TEDMI is, do read up my blog post HERE and you might walk-away with prizes like me for a holiday. Yeah...
Andrew with Steve, the owner of this great place, Wave Rest House and Cave holding TEDMI mascot
Andrew's said that he'll further upgrade TEDMI so that it is friendly to use for the convenient of all the Malaysians. He'll build up few other Apps too so that all Malaysians no need to print out namecard anymore as all storage of information will be through the App. He also informed us that eventhough TEDMI had just launched less than 2 months, there were more than 1,000% of users had download their App. Their recent roadshow to TAR College had been very successful as lots of students had attended it. Great to hear that more and more peoples are aware of the useful and convenient by just using TEDMI. Yeah...

Before we wrapped off the night, we had a game session where we played "Killer, Healer, Police and Normal Citizen". This is my first time playing it but my Little Angels had played it before with their friends. Guess, they're more expert than me in this game. Everyone act suspiciously as we need to identified the killers before they killed anyone else and if majority of us suspected the wrong person as killer, that normal citizen will killed too and made the group to be smaller and smaller till all the 3 killers were caught. Learned a new game today and I found it to be interesting and fun. 
Andrew with my Little Angels.
Hopefully they'll grow-up like him. Became a successful person at a very young age
After the game, all of us proceed to our cabin for a rest as we had to wake up at 6.40 am the next day to proceed with our itinerary since some of it had to postponed because of the rain. Check out my Day 2 post HERE.


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