Thursday, September 28, 2017

HUAWEI Launched nova 2i with Hannah Delisha

Mommy Jane recently attended the launch of the nova 2i at Bangsar Shopping Centre on Tuesday, 26th September 2017. The new device features HUAWEI's first quad cameras, smart ambient front flashlight and 5.9 inch edge to edge display which is perfect for selfie and photography enthusiats. Engineered with 4GB RAM and 64GB ROM, the nova 2i is set to make an impression on young and dynamic consumers who lead an energetic, healthy and independent lifestyle.
The launch of nova 2i inked a collaboration with teenacious singer and actress, Hannah Delisha who performed a brand-new nova series-themed song. "I am ecstatic to be the ambassador of the nova series, representing a product that is dynamic, cool and savvy. It fits perfectly with my face-paced lifestyle. The twin camera on the front and back of the nova 2i enables me to capture stunning images and videos effortlessly, making the sharing-my-stories a breeze. The bezel-less display provides the perfect visual experience, giving me full visual enjoyment on-the-go," said Hannah Delisha.
Mathew Ng, Deputy Country Director, HUAWEI Consumer Busines Group (Malaysia) said that HUAWEI is driven by the desire to connect with consumers on all levals and nova 2i represents the hallmark of quality and innovation, delivering on design, performance and camera. Quad-cameras, smart ambient front flashlight and FullView display are a few examples amongst the new breakthrough.
Mathew Ng, Deputy Country Director, HUAWEI Consumer Busines Group (Malaysia)
Mommy Jane had seen the HUAWEI nova 2i and had tried it out using it. What impressed me is the back cameras feature 16MP+2MP dual-lenses with RGB sensors for a superior bokeh effect. Coupled with 1.75um large pixel size that enable us to capture sharper, clearer edges with vivid colors in every shot, while the background remains blurred or out of focus. The bokeh effect also can be adjusted after a picture is taken to achieve different visual effects.
Nova 2i had their very first smart DSLR-level ambient front flashlight rendering close-to-natural lighting to deliver a more natural color reproduction and automatically adjust the light intensity in two levels according to ambient lighting to overcome the challenge of capturing stunning 'selfies" in low-light conditions.
The 4500K color temperature sits right in the middle of the range, which is often used for indoor photography. Their 120-degree wide camera projection angle optimizes best results in 'selfie' coverage and it is capable of taking selfies with motion control gestures. Means that as near as 1.5 meters, your selfie can be taken in two seconds of countdown.
HUAWEI nova 2i featuring 5.93" FullView display which allowed consumers to experience more visual enjoyment on their smartphone. The bezel-less boasts a 83% screen-to-body real estate which gave 12.5% more display with Full High-Definition at 1080 x 2160. making a ratio of 18.9. Powered by HUAWEI's Emotion UI 5.1, the UI dieplay adapts automatically to the new screen and auto-fits its contents, enabling us to access more space for split screens and one more row of screen real estate in home menu mode. We able to access more screen content while scrolling less when reading news or e-books. For mobile games player, you will amazed by the large and extensive field of view, which can help us to attain more triumphs in each game.
HUAWEI 8-core Kirin 659 chipset power house conceals a beautiful beast. Integrated with EMUI 5.1 and Android, nova 2i promises a seamless smartphone experience. The high quality audio experience is made possible with HUAWEI Histen which is an intelligent algorithm that includes 10 targeted modules for various effects, including 3D stereo surround effect.
HUAWEI nova 2i had an outstanding battery life computing at 3340 mAh, which supports up to two days of typical use. The stunning features are stored inside an exquisite design with a smooth metalic unibody, measuring as little as 7.5mm. The cameras, fingerprint sensor, USB socket, sensors and flash is meticulously place on the front and back to deliver a design that is beautiful and intuitive to use.
HUAWEI nova 2i is available in Graphite Black, Prestige Gold and Aurora Blue and retails at RM1,299 nationwide. Exclusively on 13 October 2017, you will receive a premium gift set worth RM499 consisting of a selfie stick, a headphone and a smartphone ring holder with every purchase of nova 2i at any HUAWEI Experience stores or Display Zones, while stock last.
Hannah Delisha, teenacious singer and actress 
For more information, do visit their website at and facebook page at
For those who loves to selfie, HUAWEI nova 2i will be their best option. Mommy Jane loves the wide screen function for easier to read and the long lasting battery up to 2 days. The photos capture by the phone looks stunning and sharp. With the price offered, Mommy Jane felt that it is worth to buy for daily use. I'm sure my Little Angels will enjoy playing games at the new phone too.


  1. Cantiknya Hanna...tapi lagi cantik Huawei kalau sis dapat free..hehehe

  2. Hannah Delisha nie comel la... secomel nova 2i

  3. Good phone with 4 cameras n at reasonable price

  4. wah hannah delisha😍 best phone huawei ni, smooth je bila guna. hehe kenalah dengan harga dia

  5. Comel kan Hannah tu. Sesuai la jadi duta. I pun suka tengok dia. Cute gilerrrr.. Huawei Nova 2i ni ada 4 kamera! Huyoooo

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