Monday, November 27, 2017

Ah Boys To Men 4 Movie Review

Singapore's most successful movie franchise is back and it is Mommy Jane and Little Angels' favourite movie since their Part 1 in 2012. The comedy film was directed by Jack Neo and the Part 4 was released in all the cinemas in Malaysia on 23rd November 2017. 
At the Part 4, you will see Lobang, Aloysius, Sergeant Ong and Ken Chow after completion of their full-time national service stints, were all busy with their respective careers as civilian. When they are called back for in-camp training in a SAF Armour unit, the boys must juggle between work and their duties as operationally-ready national servicemen.
Hilarious situations happen when they are back training together and their military roles reversed. New enemy threats arise as their brotherhood is put to the test. Check out the trailer below...
Instead of all mens at the national camp, this round we can see a beautiful lady name Apple Chan who cast as a female officer. Apple had experience in mixed-martial arts and had to undergo the same four-day armour orientation course as her male cast members.

Details of the movie as below :-
Laguage : English/Mandarin
Subtitle : English/Malay/Chinese
Classification : P13
General Release Date : 23 Nov 2017
Genre : Comedy/Drama
Running Time : 2 Hours 5 Minutes
Distributor : J Team Productions, MM2 Entertainment, Clover Films, Golden Village Pictures
Director : Jack Neo
Cast : Tosh Zhang, Wang Weo Liang, Joshua Tan, Maxi Lim, Noah Yap and Jaspers Lai
Format : 2D
This movie was hilarious and will make you laugh from the beginning till the end and this movie will also makes you cried. The most important is, we can see that the love shown by the army recruits in National Services in Singapore to their beloved country. How they fight together and how they helped each other in order to accomplished their mission. 


  1. Macam best jer movie ni. Dah lama tak tengok wayang.

    1. Afizah, memang best. Budak-budak sure happy watching it.

  2. In my wishlist to watch this movie. Can ask hubby for watch this movie 😘

    1. Mars, pergi dating sambil berhibur dengan movie yang sangat kelakar.

  3. I read many comments about this film, although they had collected $2 million at the local box office, but the plot is choppy and the jokes lose out to the last three films..

    1. Sally, but for some, it is still hilarious and most still enjoyed watching it like us. 😊

  4. Best ya ... nanti akan datang kita tengok .. Kita ni kalau nak pergi tengok di pawagam tk tau mana lagi lawak .. filem atau anak2 kita ...

    enjoy mommy jane