Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017

Running is one of the easiest way for the whole family to get into a healthy and active lifestyle. Mommy Jane recently brought my Little Angels for a Shark Hero Conservation Run 2017 ("SHCR2017") at Celebration Centre Sunsuria City for a family themed fun run aimed to raise awareness for endangered shark population.
There are approximately 5,500 participants for the event day and for every ticket sold, RM5 will be donated to Shark Saver Malaysia. Besides participation from the public, various Companies and Beauty Queens had joined the run as part of their CSR efforts. SHCR2017 also had sponsored members from up to 15 centres from the orphanage houses and OKU organizations to take part in the event. Volunteers from UKM marine science department, Shark Saver Malaysia and Acexelent Team staff were there to provide assistance to participants. Check out my video below...
Yang Amat Mulia Raja Shuibah Al-Sultan Idris Shahand and Sunsuria City CEO, Mr Koong Wai Seng had officiated the opening of SCHR2017. The 4km fun run starts at 5 p.m. and beforehand, all participants were encouraged to join in warm up and the famous Shark Doo Doo Dance. Honourable guests together with Pocohtee & Friends Mascot flag off at the starting line.

100 Plus and Mineral Water were available for all the runners
For every 1 km, there will be a Q&A and those who had answered correctly will received a badge. From the Q&A, we actually learned more on the Sharks. Check out the questions below...
Answer is YES. Sharks have been around since long before dinosaurs existed
Answer is NO which we thought is YES. Sharks do not attack people but when peoples are in their habitat, sometimes maybe mistaken for a seal or sea lion
I'm sure all of you already knew the answer for this question. Some sharks population have decline up to 90%
Besides the run, a carnival was held on the same day which consist of 9 food trucks, 15 games and arts booths and a stage performance. There are a total of 60 exciting prizes at the game booths. Shark Saver Malaysia put up an exhibition and organised Arts & Craft Session for public to participate.
Children enjoyed colouring the shark
Spin and Win Game booth by Julie's to win lots of Julie's biscuits 
For more information on the run, do check out their website at and facebook page at
It was indeed tiring running for 4km but we took it a bit slow and steady. Sometimes running and sometimes walking and we are glad that we had completed the journey together. Along the journey, we had chat a lot and we felt closer with each other. We joke with each other and laugh together as we encourage each other to walk further till we had completed it. We are proud with our achievement and the most important is the bonding session that we had during the run. It was a fun run for the whole family.
We are running with our Shark toys to raise awareness for endangered shark population


  1. If only my schedule tak clash that time I dah join dah shark run ni.. it was a nice event !!!

  2. look so happeningm i wish i can join this. i pun ingat shark eat human adoi haha

    1. Syafyqah, we learned a lot on sharks during this run.

  3. Happening event..hope i can join next in the future, bring my family together..good for family gathering..

    1. Amanda, indeed it is. We had fun together and it is our bonding moment.

  4. Wow...shark run!!! See many people join this event. Hope can join this next year.

    1. Mars, thousands of runners had joined the run. Hope to see you next year.