Tuesday, December 5, 2017

Maxxan Realty, a One-Stop Real Estate Solutions

Last Sunday, Mommy Jane attended the launched of Maxxan Realty Sdn Bhd at Sunway Giza Mall, Kota Damansara. Maxxan Realty is the latest progressive real estate agency who is determine to uphold its vision of providing top quality one-stop real estate solutions to its stakeholders across Malaysia, has pave way for big plans in 2018 i.e. to a public listing for their parent Company, Maxxan Investment Holdings Limited in the Hong Kong Stock Exchange by year 2020.
Maxxan wants to ensure the success of their stakeholders by making them to share part of Maxxan profit at a fixed percentage.Carrying a positive sentiment of the high demand for own-used properties, Mr Sam Jee, Founder & Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty mentioned that the general election sentiments may had raised some caution with investors but if the location and other considering factors of the properties are right, they would still invest in prime location like KLCC and Mont' Kiara who had the cheapest per square feet. 
Mr Sam Jee, Founder & Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty
Mr. Tee Kiat Sion, Founder and Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty said that the market prices are still attractive for investors especially for foreign investors because of the weakening Ringgit value. Property prices have skyrocketed in the past few years and Mr Tee foresee the trend will continue after some minor adjustments.
Mr. Tee Kiat Sion, Founder and Group Managing Director of Maxxan Realty
Maxxan Realty targets anyone who has the intention to own a property while providing them a vast selection of property that fit their needs and budget such as RUMAHW1P that are being sold at the costs of RM300,000 for a 800 square feet unit with 3-rooms which is affordable on top of the high-end properties to middle range properties. 
Dato' Jeremy Chia Pei Chai, Group Chairman of Maxxan Realty 
Dato' Jeremy  is ready to embrace success in 2018, aiming to sell at least 2000 units of property in 2018 which equivalent to RM1 billion GDV value. The Group will continue to challenge themselves by upgrading support for their sub-sales team as well as bringing in more quality projects for their projects team to market.
Mr Sam Jee, Mr Tee and Dato' Jeremy given out token of appreciation to their agents
Maxxan Realty plans to penetrate the Asia Region in 2018 and expand their business to China (inclusive of Hong Kong), Philipines and Thailand. The Group will provides property management services and other related services to make it a one-stop service centre where customers just need to get in touch with an agent to have all process including rental, buying and selling to be done with no hassle. Maxxan Realty also introduced "M Privilege" membership programme will provides additional benefits to supportive customers.
Check out my video on the grand launched of Maxxan Realty that I had taken on that day...
For more information about Maxxan Realty Sdn Bhd, do visit their website at www.maxxan.com.my and facebook page at www.facebook.com/maxxanrealty.
Think Property, Think MAXXAN. That is the motto of Maxxan Realty that their Founders had mentioned couple of times to motivate their sales team and everyone who had present on that day. With their vision and mission to provide top quality one-stop real estate solutions to developers, property owners, buyers and tenants, it is indeed a convenient to everyone who are seeking for properties to save all the hurdles that we are going through now to get a property that we had wanted.


  1. Boleh consider kalau nak beli property nanti hee

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  4. Wow, Maxxan Realty is truly amazing, providing great service and offers. Will definitely check and recommend this to my friends.

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