Wednesday, December 6, 2017

"Find The One For Every You" Fashion Show by Triumph Malaysia

Mommy Jane was invited to join the 5th year annual Fashion Show organised by Triumph Malaysia recently at One Utama Shopping Centre. With the themed "Find The One For Every You", it showcases its Autumn/Winter Collection 2017.
The lingerie that is featured during the fashion show is designed to suit every age, shape, size and occasion that meets the demands of all the women in this era. Whether you're at office, home, gym or socialising, Triumph will help us to "Find The One For Every You". Check out my video on the runway as below...
New on the runway this year is a premium collection of highly decorative and crafted lingerie in stunning floral stretch lace and embroidery aptly called Florale. This wide array of stunning lingerie joins the Triumph family of Essence and Triaction, complementing the extensive range for our every inner wear needed for every event.
Ms Sheryl Wong, Commercial Director of Triumph Malaysia and Singapore said that this year, they are focusing on their innovative skills. Every collection has its own story to tell and for Triumph, their innovation is evident in their Triaction series. They have new and innovative on-trend sports bras in trusted lingerie fits for cardio and studio so we can work on our sun salutation at yoga or pick up tyres at bootcamp with comfort and ease.
Triumph Malaysia had for this season offers modern styles and silhouttes that accentuates flattering curves. The evolution of innovative, fitting and functional designs provides ultimate comfort for every woman. The classics will remain as Triumph's exquisite detailing and artistic touch to everyday lingerie can be seen in the iconic Essence collection i.e. contemporary, elegant and impeccable fitting.
The Fashion Show had also highlighted the brand's festive collection, Aqua Festive who was inspired by the decorative art of the Art Nouveau period featuring bold, rich embroidery with a hint of shimmering moonlight. The Beauty-Full Butterfly Glam had provided maximum support and unparalleled comfort with its signature 45 degree angled wings and 12cm extra high side panels.
The Beauty-Full Butterfly Glam
The Magic Wire bra had the most natural and comfortable wearing experience that will give us the support that we need.
Invisible is the jacquard T-shirt bra that is decorated with subtle floral lace on the cup side and side wings, while the Magic Spacer Cups enhance softness, lightness, breathability and comfort.
Triumph after being in Malaysia for 45 years and globally for 131 years, they are confident that all their offerings reflect nothing less than impeccable functionality and exceptionally tasteful designs.
Triumph Malaysia will have loads of exciting offers and stand to grab lots of FREE Triumph bras at GF, High Street Concourse, 1 Utama Shopping Centre from today till 11 December 2017. Just speak to their Sales Consultants to know more. Do also log on to their website at and facebook page at for more updates on their promotions.
The Fashion Show speaks volumes of the various innovations that Triumph will be featuring moving forward. All of us were amaze with the glamour, style and panache of the international models that strut down the runaway with these new essential must-haves that every women a chance to "Find the One for Every You". If you haven't found yours yet, then this will be your chance to go to 1 Utama this weekend or any Triumph outlet nationwide to find the one that will make you feel pretty, sexy and comfortable always.
Photos of me and my blogger friends, Kylie and Ruby at the photobooth


  1. suka design triumph.. sangat cantik dan selesa pakai. Utk zaman sekarang.. memang kna membeli barang yang boleh tahan lama.. hihihi

  2. I love triumph collection its so good for breast

  3. Glad you have fun with this pretty event and their new collection looks fabulous. I nerd to visit their nearest branch for my own haul :)

  4. Produk triumph memang best. Tapi harga dia pon best jugak 😁

  5. i'm the big fans of triumph, even price is expensive but comfortable :)

  6. Hehehe kita orang laki ni mampu tengok jer wakakak jangan marah tak kalau kami tengok sebab orang perempuan yang suka tayang wakakakka..