Tuesday, February 6, 2018

BerryBright, A Nourishments for Our Eyes

Eye is one of the most sensitive organs in our body that needs extreme care to prevent any abnormalities. Problems in vision arise due to a variety of factors and one of the most common is the age. Hence, preventive measures should be taken right from the young age to maintain healthy eyes. Mommy Jane recently came across a blackcurrant eye nourishing drink with the brand, "Berry Bright".
BerryBright is a natural whole food eye supplement drink that is formulated to help us to easily replenish the vital nutrients that are necessary to protect and maintain healthy eyes and vision. Children as young as 3 years old and above could have it. BerryBright is recommended especially for contact lens users and people with dry and tired eyes. The water-soluble nutrients will quickly absorbed to provide fast relief and support. Those who are heavy digital device users are recommended to have it because of the lutein which can filter harmful blue light from digital devices that may cause damage and speed up aging for our eyes. 

BerryBright also recommended to those who had dark circles under the eyes. It is formulated to improve microcirculation that can help to eliminate toxins, reduce and lighten dark circles to give is a clearer fresher look. BerryBright also acts as a nutritional support for better eye health as the demand for nutritional for our eyes have increased dramatically due to our modern lifestyle. With a better nutritional support, it can help us to prevent diseases from developing and to maintain clear visions.
Each sachet provides us the equivalent benefits from consuming 100 blackcurrant berries. It is high in Vitamin C - 500mg per sachet which is equivalent to 10 oranges ! There is no artificial colouring and preservatives. Suitable for Vegetarian and even Muslims can have it coz' it is HALAL.
There are 2 types of BerryBright i.e. BerryBright Original which contains fructose, total sugar content equals half an apple. Total 38 calories per serving and suitable for all. The another 1 is BerryBright Stevia with no sugar added. Stevia is used as the natural sweetener. Total 31 calories per serving but had enhanced formula with bilberry and mixed berries. Suitable for individuals who are looking to reduce sugar intake and diabetes.

BerryBright is a winner for "Health Food" Category at Malaysia Health & Wellness Brand Awards 2017, co-organised by Sinchew Daily and Life Magazines, endorsed by the Malaysia Ministry of Health; Winner for "Eye Care" Category at Natural Health Readers' Choice Awards 2017, 2015, 2014 and Long Life Health & Beauty Awards 2015 & 2014.
It is very easy to prepare. Just add 1 sachet of BerryBright into a 150ml of room temperature or cold water. Stir, mix well and drink immediately to avoid oxidation. For more information, do visit their website at https://euryka.my/collections/influencer-campaign or facebook and Instagram page @berrybrightmy. 
Mommy Jane had tried the BerryBright for 5 days and had let my Little Angels to have it too. We love the refreshing blackcurrant taste. Our eyes not easily tired now and the dark circles under our eyes had improve. We definitely will have it daily for a better eye health and to maintain a clear vision.


  1. wow... dark circle is everything for me... for sure i wanna try this mama Jane!!!!!


  2. I am on another eye supplement currently, not so much for eye bags but eye health. Would love to try BerryBright too, for overall eye care.

  3. Panda eyes are sooo me ! I should consider this product to reduce the tiredness of my eyes.

  4. Nowadays got so many supplement in the market. I also so confuse to consume which one. But supplement for eye care i think not so many as skincare supplement. Will study more about this brand. If okay, then i might give it a try.

  5. Saya suka blackcurrant.. Salah satu langkah untuk jaga mata. Bagus ni. Yang suka mengadap laptop lama mgkn boleh cuba ni. Supaya mata tak cepat rabun

  6. I got this too in my cny hamper, can't wait to try them too.