Monday, February 12, 2018

Kids Lion Dance Competition at Atria Shopping Mall

We are the Champion, We are the Champion and We are the Champion for Kids Lion Dance Competition which was held at Atria Shopping Mall recently. Mommy Jane and Little Angels were so happy when my 2 boys were announce as the Champion for Kids Lion Dance Competition. When they held the trophy and certificate at their hands, Mommy Jane was so proud of them.
My 2 boys aged 8 and 11 years old, had love Lion Dance since small but at first like other Moms, we were a bit reluctant coz' afraid will affect their studies. Thought they will give up later on when they grow older but actually their interest had grow stronger. Instead of asking them to give-up, Mommy Jane had ask a Coach from Kok Hing Dragon & Lion Dance Association, Eric Chin to teach them since January this year. They took 5 classes to prepare for this competition. They have to start the class late i.e. around 9.15 p.m. till 10.30 p.m. due to the tight schedule since Eric and his troupe were too busy perform the lion dance. Their appointments are full but they took the initiative to teach them. 
To join in the fun, my 2nd daughter, aged 12 years old and youngest son, aged 5 years old had also formed a team too but due to schooling on Sat, CW sometimes unable to join and sometimes just for 15 minutes only as she had to slept early to woke up at 5.30 a.m. for the next day to school.
2 teams had roared the stage. My Boys' group name is Loh's Brother while my daughter and youngest son formed a team with the name Mighty One. Loh's Brother act like a lion helping a small little puppy which was crashed by a big stone. The Lion then helps to remove the big stone from the puppy's leg. He then kiss him and cuddle him. Carried him to a safe place and when the puppy able to stand up, walk and bark again, everyone cheer happily. Check out their video performance below...
For Mighty One, their dance more like a lion who had some Henessy and got drunken. They are not as strong as my 2 boys but I'm proud of them for giving their very best especially when the contest had started, my youngest boy asleep and when his turn coming, we had to woke him up to perform. He steadily stand behind his Sis and follow his Sis movement. He is very young and during practise, he a bit reluctant because he can't bear the hot standing behind his Sis but luckily through out the contest, he remain calms. Normally lion dance was played by boys but my girl had shown that it can be done by girls too. Check out the performance of Mighty One here...
There are a total of 24 teams who participated the contest with 2 children each aged 4 years old to 15 years old. There are around 20 prizes. Champion will get RM1k cash vouchers, 1st runner up at RM800, 2nd runner up at RM500 and 16 consolations will received RM300. Best dress will receive RM100. All winners will also received a trophy and certificate each. Prizes were sponsored by Atria Shopping Mall, Metrojaya and other participating outlets.
The contest started from 3.30 p.m. till 5 p.m. and each team were given a maximum of 3 minutes to perform. There are professional drummers are there to played the drums, cymbals and gong but there is an association who send in their children in 2 teams to played it instead. All the children were excited and happily dance to performed with the lion dance mascot. Check out the Article at The Star paper which had cover the event HERE and their interview at HERE.
At 5.30 p.m. sharp, winners were announced. The Mighty One had received Consolation Prize and the moment came when they announce the Champion for the Kids Lion Dance. I told both my sons that they might win but we were unsure coz' there are lots of talents there. When the emcee announced that the Champion for this year goes to Loh's Brothers, we were very very happy. All our hardworks had proven with the trophy and certificate at our hands. Yeah...
Thanks to their Coach, Eric and his student for teaching my 4 Little Angels to win the Champion and Consolation prizes away. Thanks also for making their shoes and the big stone. Without their help, don't think my Little Angels could lift up the trophies. This Kids Lion Dance Competition is their first time they had entered and hope this type of competition will carry on every year at Atria Shopping Mall and other Malls too to recognise the kids' talent in mastering the lion dance movement and to build up the children for the next generations especially during Chinese New Year celebration. All the kids were happy and so do parents too. They can now performed it for everyone to see. We, the Chinese, believes that Lion dance brings luck to everyone and may this year brings lots of luck, health and wealth to all of you....
Proud Mommy with my 4 Little Angels


  1. Your kids so active in lion dance. congrats to them. May they keep growing their smart skill.

  2. Congrats for winning the competition.. Great job little angels..

  3. Wow! congrats Jane and so proud of your sons. Keep it up, more training, more competitions and all the best.

  4. Wah...pandainya anak2 you buat Lion Dance, bkn senang ta..

  5. Awh Jane this is too cute and you should be so proud! Your sons did such a great job :)

    1. Shrivani, I really feel proud of them and hope they do it better next round.

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