Tuesday, February 20, 2018

CNY Giveaway for Tollyjoy (Winners Announcements)

Thanks to all the participants who had participated at my Tollyjoy giveaway HERE. Now is the times for me to announce the 5 winners who will walk-away with Tollyjoy hamper worth RM150 each. There are more than 10 participants who had fulfilled all the criteria and conditions for the contest. You can check their photos, captions and their links HERE.
It is definitely a hard decision for to decide who are the winners. All the photos were creative and the slogans were creative too. The winners are.... Do check out their photos and captions below...
First winner is Siti Fadillah Rumainor. Her photo is the most creative amongst all the contestants and her caption is "Tollyjoy is the best for our baby because it brings happiness and joy in the simplest way." Her photo comes with a natural smile for both Mom and son holding the Tollyjoy product that they love so much.

Second winner goes to Ayu Rafikah. Her caption is "Tollyjoy is the best for our baby because it’s brand that always meet the highest standard of safety, protect my baby naturally, plus the scent so fresh and lovely give the best therapy" Tollyjoy indeed had the highest standard of safety that protect our baby naturally. Congrats to Ayu for your creative entry.
Third winner is Kandi Kaykaye. Her baby is so cute playing with Tollyjoy toys. She had submitted 3 photos of her cute baby and because of her effort, I think we should reward her. Her caption is "Tollyjoy is the best for our baby because it’s been a trusted brand for generations since the ‘70s. My mother gave me a loving childhood full of Tollyjoy products and now my baby enjoys the same! From her pillow to towels,from her daywear to sleepwear, from her bath and body care to her educational baby toys;Tollyjoy is ideal for our loved one because it’s not only safe,durable and comfortable but really affordable too! She’s just a few weeks’ away to turning 3 months’ old but she’s already very receptive to her surroundings and sounds;thanks to Tollyjoy’s baby rattles and squeeze toy—designed specially to aid in stimulating her neuro-motor sensors and make her playtime simply a JOYful experience always!" Congrats to Kandi Kaykaye !
Fourth winner goes to Radhia Haafiza. Her caption is "Tollyjoy is the best for the baby because Tollyjoy provides products that fulfill relevant international health and safety standard which encourages good hygiene practice through funtime during bathtime. Like Tollyjoy’s Kids toiletries are specially formulated with lots of vitamins & nutrients which can help keep baby’s skin soft, moisture and healthy." I definitely agreed with her that Tollyjoy keep our baby's skin soft, moisture and healthy. Congrats to Radhia Haafiza.
Fifth winner goes to Bonnie. Her caption is "Tollyjoy is the best for our baby because it’s a brand name that can be trusted because Tollyjoy achieved ISO 9001 in 1996, high quality of products with reasonable price ! Thank you Tollyjoy provide premium products for the baby I love !!" Congrats to Bonnie for featuring her cheerful baby with the trusted high quality Tollyjoy products with reasonable price.

Congrats to all the 5 winners. Those who did not win, don't give up. Mommy Jane will organise more contest soon. Thanks everyone for your participation and thanks to Tollyjoy Malaysia for sponsoring 5 hampers to the winners. Can all the winners, do please pm me your Name, NRIC No., Address and Contact asap so that Tollyjoy Malaysia could deliver the hampers to your doorstep for you to enjoy your gift with your little ones on this CNY celebration. Gong Xi Fa Cai !!!


  1. congratulation to all the winner!!

  2. Yeay tq jane chua and tolly joy malaysia

  3. wow tahniah to all the winners, i love tolly joy too because it really has a good scent for the kids feel so comfy

  4. Wahhh bestnya dapat hadiah...Tahniah ya pada pemenang. Best betul kalau masuk GA atau contest menang..sis selalu tak ada luck..kadang2 je ada..hehehe

  5. Tahniah kepada semua pemenang.... yeaaaaahhhh next time i join pula... kasi can i menang ek