Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Teeth Scaling and Polishing at Dentessence Dental Clinic

Another 2 more days, we will celebrate our Chinese New Year. Lots of preparations need to be made. Mommy Jane had bought new clothes, set new hair and the most important is, need to cleans my teeth to keep it healthy. Mommy Jane recently went to Dentessence Dental Clinic to do the scaling and polishing.
Scaling and polishing is a procedure carried by a dentist that removes dental plaque, tartar and extrinsic stains that are present on the outer surface of our teeth. By scaling and polishing, it cleans our teeth to prevent and control the severity of gum disease.
My Dentist is Dr. Ahbirami Supramaniam. She is a friendly dentist who assured me that scaling and polishing are just a normal process which took around half an hour. She is graduated from Manipal India in 2010. Dr. Ahbirami had served government clinic and hospitals from 2010 to 2014. From 2014 to 2016, she had worked in private clinic. She own Dentessence Dental Clinic from 2016 till now. The clinic is established since 2008 but since the previous Doctor had migrated to New Zealand, Dr Ahbirami had took over the clinic.
Dr. Ahbirami  had cleaned around the gum line on the back and front of my teeth to remove any plaque and tartar. For scaling, she used ultrasonic instrument which uses vibrations to knock larger pieces of tartar loose. She then sprays a cooling mist of water to wash away debris and keep the area at a proper temperature. The device emits a humming or high pitched whistling sound just like when we put an electric toothbrush into our mouth. The instrument tips are curved and rounded and are always kept in motion around my teeth. They are not sharp since their purpose is to knock tartar loose and not to cut into the teeth.
After scaling, Dr Ahbirami had carried out polishing to remove stains and make my teeth feel smooth and shiny. Polishing is done with a special toothpaste and spun around the teeth. Using a pressurised spray of air and water with sodium hydrogen-carbonate powder to remove stains, plaque and soft debris from my mouth.
Is it painful ? Most peoples will ask me this. It is actually painless but I feel the sensations as tickling vibrations, the cooling mist of water and the feeling of pressure. It might be a bit uncomfortable but it only last for a few seconds only but the scaling and polishing had mades my teeth cleaner. Check out the photo of my teeth after it is done...
Besides scaling and polishing, Dentessence Dental Clinic do provide other services too which include Diagnostic & Treatment, Air Polishing, X-Rays, Teeth Whitening, Veneers, Crowns, Inlays/Onlays, Bridges, Root Cal treatment, Periodontics, Implant, Prosthetics/Dentures, Preventive Dentistry and many more.
Dentenssence Dental Clinic is located at 43-2, Jalan PJU 5/11, Dataran Sunway, Kota Damansara, Petaling Jaya. For appointment, do contact them at 03-61407567. For more information, do visit their facebook page at
After doing the teeth scaling and polishing at Dentenssence Dental Clinic, my teeth was smooth and gleam. As what Dr Ahbirami said regular dental teeth cleaning and polishing is the cornerstone for a lifetime of dental health and it is our best insurance to keep a healthy and attractive smile. Dr Ahbirami also said she encourage all children to do a check-up at her clinic as often of they could so that the children will not afraid when they are in pain. Dr Ahbirami will give free consultation to encourage more parents to bring their children over to get to know their Dentist and familiar with the clinic. Mommy Jane will definitely bring my Little Angels over and I'm sure they will love her too and willing to let her do her best to keep their teeth healthy.


  1. Bab gigi paling menakutkan. Kadang-kala sanggup makan ubat je berbanding pergi jumpa doktor gigi. Hihihiii

  2. wah.. best lah dapat buat scalling dan Polishing kat klinik gigi ni.. mesti gigi makin cantik berseri lepas ni kan..

  3. I did this every year.Good to take care of teeth. Currently doing some root treatment. Today is my second week. huwaaaaa....I hate it

  4. i have been planning on doing teeth scaling for a long time now. this dentist seems great

  5. I paling takut bab jumpa doc gigi tapi every year perlu pergi sebab tak nak gigi rosak kan..lagipun company yang i kerja ni ada allocation RM500 a year untuk staff pergi buat rawatan gigi

  6. I paling scary nak jumpa dentist. Sakit gigi pon sanggup tahan. Nak scaling pon takut... hehehe... Tapi sekarang tak takut dah. Last month buat scaling rasa best pulak. Tak rasa ngilu sangat. Makin cantik gigi Mommy Jane ☺