Thursday, March 29, 2018

Interesting Places to Visit at Port Dickson

To continue with my earlier post on the Wild West Cowboy town at HERE which is long and full of photos, Mommy Jane had to separate this out coz' too many beautiful photos captured and would like to share some here at my post. If you want to see more of it, do visit Wild West Cowboy town to experience it yourself. For this post, I would like to share on our experience at Alive 3D Art Gallery, Theme Family Karaoke and lunch at Tasik Villa Resort. All this interesting places together with Wild West Cowboy Town are located at Dataran Segar City.
Mommy, we can climb like a Panda
Alive 3D Art Gallery features 50 interactive painting & optical illusion within 5 themes which are Adventure Zone, Aquarium Zone, Animation Zone, Exotic Zone and Dark Art. This is the place where all of us were challenge to have a creative posture. 
Oops, the Hug is using the same toilet with us and it is huge. Ha ha ha...
I'll light up the bomb now. He he he...
Help !!! A giant Lion want to eat me up...
Help us please. We are going to fall...
For each of the post, you can refer to the example that stick at the wall on how you should post it and how to take the perfect photos. They even draw a photo of the camera so that we knew where we should stand and the best place to take the photos. There are too many creative photos but I will put a limit here so that all of you could go there to have your own post.
Help !!! The giant fish is going to bite me up with its sharp teeth...
We spend almost an hour plus to take all the photos at their 3-storey shop lot. The entrance ticket price for Alive 3D Art Gallery is at RM25 per adult and child at RM20. For MyKad holder, adult at RM20 and child at RM15. It is open from 11 a.m. till 10 p.m. on Mon to Friday and on weekend from 10 a.m. till 10 p.m. Contact at 06-6515401. If you wish to go to Wild West Cowboy together with the Alive 3D Art Gallery, then get the package where you could save more. Adult at RM70 and Child at RM55. For MyKad holder, adult at RM58 and child at RM43.
A romantic sampan ride with my hubby. Thanks Dear for being with me always
As for lunch, we went to Tasik Restaurant & Cafe which located at Tasik Villa International Resort. The resort just opened on last year December. 
Grilled Chicken Chop with mashed potato, asparagus, cherry tomato, broccoli served with black pepper sauce at RM28.80 
The food is in big portion and it is indeed delicious. For nasi goreng kampung, you can opt for non-spicy one. My Little Angels love their fried chicken which is tasty and Daddy loves their chicken chop. The restaurant area is big and able to accommodate more than 100 diners and it is a kids-friendly restaurant too. More place for the kids to move around and the waitress here is friendly too. Since my Little Angels love their fish crackers so much, the waitress gave us some for free.
Must try their Signature Nasi Lemak with cucumber slice, toasted peanuts, crispy anchovies served with chicken rendang at RM25.80
Kampung Fried Rice, Spicy Traditional Malay Fried Rice served with fresh salad, fried chicken and sunny side on top. Price at RM19.80 and Ice Lemon Tea at RM9.50
Seafood Aglio-Olio. Spaghetti sauce with olive oil and chopped prawn, squid and mussel at RM28.80  
After our lunch, we walk around the resort. The surrounding area of Tasik Villa Resort is beautiful and suitable for kids to stay. When my Little Angels saw the paddle boat, they ask for a ride and the ride is actually free for their guests. For non-guests, we need to pay around RM20 for 15 minutes ride at their man made lake.
At night, we went to Theme Family Karaoke. Did you know that karaoke can help to improve our child's cognitive development ? It is actually a great way for kids to let off their extra energy, express emotion and it is also a helpful toll in teaching our kids to read.
Come and sing at comfortable karaoke room with different themes that suit for the family with young children and with friends. Suitable for birthday party and any celebrations. Stage Family Karaoke is open daily from 12 p.m. to 12 a.m. Call them for reservation of your favourite theme room at 06-6515401 and price per room is listed at the photo below.
All these interesting places for you to spend with your family and friends are located at Dataran Segar City, Lukut. Take a whole day off and enjoy the rides and the attractions in 1 place. Do check out their website at and facebook page at for more information and promotion.
If you're looking for a new interesting places at Port Dickson to spend your times with your family and friends, then do bring them together to Dataran Segar City. Create a lasting memories that kept our spirits high and boost our confidence. These place is a perfect gateaway for families and friends.


  1. I tak pernah pergi any 3D Art Gallery. Macam betul2 the animal tu macam terkeluar ye?. Another hotel boleh try menginap. Cantiknya boleh kayuh sampan air....

    1. Ezna, betul. Like a real one. Do check this out coz' it is fun. I love the boat kayaking too.

  2. The art 3D museum really looks real and you seems had a lot of fun there. After awhile you went for food hunting and the food really looks good and delicious. Now its not a reason for not spending time with family, only @ PD not far frm KL can have such activities to do

  3. I haven't gone to 3D gallery at pd. Not so far but so hard to make some time ha ha :) Looks so interesting, Jane.

  4. so fun seldom go pd so no idea this place. shall tell dear of this.. as usual to pd go tf store only. lol

  5. nowadays there so many 3d museum..insteresting place to pose and snap picture especially with kids..the blackpepper sauce looks so yummy!

  6. Interesting, i'm from Seremban and its very sad when i purposely dont know that PD got somany interesting place to go...

  7. Need to bookmark this entry so i can recall where to go when in PD soon. All photos at the 3D Art Gallery look so real. Paddling boat also look interesting. Ur kids look enjoy so much

  8. wah so fun i love how your kids so cooperative in taking photos ! i believe there are so many fun activities to do in PD especially the alive museum...

    you and your husband looks romantic together in sampan reminds me of the venice suddenly hehee